Critical purple auto buds was dence and heavy now not so much

Hey guys hopefully someone here will have a answer for me i cut down my plants as yous all know there drying slowly now rh is 55-60% temp is 24-25degrees Celsius now the GSCA buds are nice and dence and heavy but the critical purple auto buds where dence and heavy when i cut it down but now they seem to be light and airy everything pointed to the plant being ready the trichomes were cloudy with some amber coloured trichomes and now this i dont know whats going on my white widow did the same last grow but it did become more dence later on ,so whats ur thoughts on the whole thing they had 450watts of light on them all the time through the grow im stumped

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Mine always do that too, so interested to hear what others say, but I do get some density back after curing. I think it’s just the process of the water transpiring out of the buds that cause them to appear loose.

Hey true cause my white widow auto sone rhe same and after drying and curing for awhile the buds seem to be more dence again

We chopped our aurora indicas andthe buds were crazy fat. A bud weighed 6.5 grams and next day weighed 5 and next day weighed 3 and now weighs 1.2. Its all good the buds were heavy with water weight which is simply drying away. Just stick with a nice slow dry and cure and youll have great smoke. It is a little disappointing though to see what seems like a 5 lb harvest turn into a 2 lb harvest but still great.

Yeah, you’ll lose 75 to 80% of the wet weight.

Thanks guys for ur knowledge i appreciate it so much i will wait and see how it turns out

Hey just wanted to say thank you for ur help and to let yous know that the critical purple buds are smelling amazing and the buds are starting to tighten up alittle bit so a big thanks to everyone

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I keep a running tally of harvest (chop) weight and amount going into jars for “curing”.

Average “weight loss” has been 79.2% - of course that also includes trimming.