Creative venting options

My first 4 autos did extremely well in my 3x3 tent. However, even though the tent is in the basement, flowering did eventually stink up the whole house and that was the only negative thing.

So I bought a 4" Mars carbon filter and ventilation system and installed the filter and blower inside the tent and have fed the flexible pipe back out of the tent at least.

But I can’t decide where I am going to vent it to. That is the exit termination pont. I have a couple of options and none are really great.

  1. Vent it about 10 feet and cut a vent outlet bracket out in a seldom used basement swing door.

  2. Run it 10 ft plus another 25 feet thru a crawl space out to the side of the house… but that’s a long long way.

  3. Try to get it into a furnace exhaust hood that goes into the exhaust chimney. But I am worried about back feeding the tent with furnace exhaust or not having enough pressure and heat for it to go up the chimney.

None of these options is perfect . All seem to have different problems on their own.

I wanted to hear from growers here who had similar issues with venting challenges and see if your experiences might spur a creative idea in how to skin this cat.

Help please!

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Just vent it out the top of the tent back into the same room. You don’t need to vent it elsewhere unless heat management is a problem or if your carbon filter isn’t working properly. It sounds like your carbon filter is toast.

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If you end up having to choose one of the 3 you can buy a in-line fan from any home supplier big box to give the exiting air an extra boost midway down the line. They’re designed for the long run you describe in option 2 above.
Most are just bare leads and you can put whatever kind of switch or control option on there you want.
The fans are usually less expensive than the in tent exhaust fans too. Even though I really don’t see why you couldn’t use one of them either.
But the others are cheaper at Lowes probably.

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Interesting. Does the carbon filter alone take the stink out enough to be able to vent to the same room?

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I agree — just vent into the room the tent is in as long as there’s plenty fresh air coming in. If it’s the basement it’s probably big enough. The carbon filter cleans the smell out of the air.


Yes unless it’s old or used and will do some good. When I run a carbon filter it’s line at @MidwestGuy states. My exhaust fan is hung above my light and pipes out the top with the carbon filter outside on the floor :love_you_gesture:

I’ll post a photo here later with my current setup and see if you all think it will be up to the task

To Totally get all of the smell out of the house. Exhaust Outside keeping the flex straight as possible would be your best bet. Carbon Filters work great But with a trained nose you can pick up a little hint standing by the exhaust outside During late flowering stage. Most people would not notice. Just my thoughts. good luck



I’m in a legal growing state so just mainly concerned with the smell in the house as per wifey. :slight_smile:

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@VirginiaGrowBoy Personally I would vent outside.

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If it’s a legal state, it’s a no brainer, vent it outside. That’s important info right dar.