Crazy Ohio weather!

I am getting a little nervous , This is my 3rd attempt , Only had 1 female out ot 6 the 1st time , , the 2nd attempt I had 3 fem. out of nine scatttered in different places and someone stole the best 2 of them and the only one I had left was a runt , not a whole lot to it but fairly decent smoke , NOW on my 3rd attempt I have 5 females out of 9 which I transferred outdoors on Memorial day , they are now 6 ft. tall and I am concerned we may get an early frost before they are done budding , They are just now flowering , do I still have time to salvage them ??

Thanks !!

Where are you? :roll: It would be hard to make a recommendation as to whether you can finish your grow, if you do not give us a glimpse into what your regional location is.

As advice: If I had giant thriving plants out of doorrs, and I was worried that they might get frost bite before they were finished; I would build a double poly shelter around them :slight_smile:

I live 30 miles SE of Columbus, Ohio , The weather has been in the mid to lower to’s during the day with a few low 80’s days , It is overcast for the most part with little sun ! If I was a betting man I would go all in on an early winter ! Building a plastic shelter was my 1st idea BUT I am disabled and having a lot of pain with movement , Would pounding some metal tent poles in the ground and wrapping them with a blue tarp work for overnite ?? OR should it be clear plastic ? Thanks in advance !!


If you can barely perceive building a snelter for your plants; I cannot imagine you would want to do it more than once. A blue tarp will not allow light to penetrate, and you will have t remove it.

You need to have an air barrier. In order to have an air barrier; You need 2 layers of clear poly around a frame. There are several applications.

Do you have a few bucks for hardware?