Covert LED grow lights

Okay, so I agonized over lights and decided no HPS. LED instead. I went back and forth between HLG, Green Sunshine Company’s Electric Sky and the Covert Pro 630.
The covert was a little cheaper but the specs seem really good.
I’m having a hard time finding many reviews and such on it though. I think because it’s fairly new?
I ordered it and the touchscreen controller. But now I’m worried that I should have went with one of the others.
Does anyone have any experience with the Covert Pro 630 or know someone who does?

Welcome to the community ! you didn’t mention what size space you need to light up. @dbrn32 can sort it out for you.


No experience with it, but if specs are accurate looks like a pretty nice light. Very similar to roi series lights.

Assuming 4x4 or 5x5?


Yes. It will be going in a 4x4 Gorilla grow tent.

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Should be plenty big enough that would still do nice job even if they are stretching truth.

Okay, that makes me feel better :slight_smile: Thank you! Its my first time growing and Ive been researching lights, grow mediums, tents etc for weeks now and I keep second guessing myself lol
But I finally landed on a tent, lights, fan system and seeds, now just have to order the hydroponic system and im ready for botany!! XD


How are you making out with the covert pro 630?

Have never heard of the Covert Pro. Looks like a decent light.