Cover-up intake fan light during flowering stage

K, so how in the heck to I make my tent 100% PITCH BLACK during the flowering stage? I have an intake fan at the bottom of the tent with one of those screens so bugs don’t get in, but still allows for air flow. I’m concerned that when I switch to flowering phase this weekend, the intake will allow too much “light” during the 12hr black-out. The fan does NOT have ducting to it, as I just wanted to add circulation to the tent. Like I said, I’ve just got a black, netted screen that prevents critters from entering.

Get some duct, make sure inside of it isn’t reflective and shape it into an s. Shorter the better as more duct will restrict airflow.


OOOOO YEEEES. AWESOME IDEA! Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

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@dbrn32 I was going to say use some Gorilla Tape. But first look inside and see how many leaks it may have.

Even during flowering phase I keep my tent door open as the heat here is a real killer. They flower just fine for me.

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I believe the issue is light shining through the fan housing. You can’t really tape that, or it would restrict all of the air.

It’s real hot by you. Pretty much gotta do what you gotta do.

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I have my bottom flaps on the tent wide open. For the windows that is single pane we covered them with bed sheets. Again, my flower just fine. My plants are not stressed and 100% healthy. I’ve been growing this way since May 2018.

The first photo shows how much light comes into the room. The 2nd photo shows how dark it is in the tent. I hope this helps so you don’t get to stress out about light sleeping through.