Could these be autos?

I bought regular seeds but these plants look lots better than anything I’m seeing…is it possible they are auto seeds?

CannaHaze in 5lb pots with FFOF. This is day 23…


I don’t know about autos but those look beautiful…


Autos will start flowering regardless of switching to 12/12 light schedule.

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My photo looks similar as far as bushyness

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How old is yours? Is yours in a 5 gal pot?

It came above ground on July 18

Yes it’s in a 5 gal fabric pot. It’s a blueberry photo but it doesn’t smell like bb yet. Just skunky😀

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Mine are 3 weeks tomorrow…

Lol yeah mine has been a slow grow on both my plants

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here is my blueberry auto

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I wonder if mine having the double stalks has anything to do with its seemingly slow growth

Probably not, I probably effed it up somewhere along the line

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may just be genetics. ive had a few plants grow with multiple stalks.

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