Is this auto not an auto?

I have three Blueberry autos going (7 weeks old from seed) and one of them doesn’t at all seem to be like the others… So I’m wondering if it’s possible for one of them to actually be a fem?

Here’s another of my Blueberry for comparison:


And the plant in question:


Couple more details:

I’m 100% positive I didn’t mess up my labeling.

The plant in question was topped at the same time as a couple other strains I topped.

This particular plant, though, was an experiment where I only topped it; no other trimming or training.

The leaves look exactly the same as the other blueberries if that’s any indication.

I appreciate your help, thanks!

Edit: I also have a grow journal:

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Oops…beginning of grow journal:

Did you top the other BBA’s?

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No, one I LST’d a little (the one in the picture) and the other I did nothing to.

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What lighting schedule do you have the plants on? It could be that one is just a straggler compared to the other. I have two Autos running now that are only 9 days apart but the look at them you were think they would be a month or more apart. Once just taking its good old time compared to the other.


@Missiles probably has it nailed. I’m going to throw my $0.02 in also. Maybe since this is the only one topped it is taking a little longer to get the party started. Benefits will be bigger plant and more budding sites. In the end it may work out for the better.


@Missiles they’re on 18/6 under a 1000w MH bulb because I have fems in veg in there too.

That info helps a lot! It could be a strain thing because the other auto I topped (Amnesia Haze) is going crazy with so many buds:

Looking forward to seeing what this BBA does!

Thank you @Missiles and @Bubblehead!!


You’re more than welcome! I would just give her more time. She must be on her own schedule :wink:


Different strains /genetics and different plants react to stress differently. We know autos don’t handle stress well so it may have just been to much stress and has this set it behind the pack.


I grow White Widow Auto a lot and 95% of the time they won’t Auto before about 2 months sometimes longer if you can drop your light schedule down to 12:12 it’ll help speed things up

Ohh that’s good to know…I have fems in the same room which will be vegging for at least a few more weeks, so I’ll have to see how the autos do and hope if they’re still not going too fast that changing the light cycle will help them finish off. That’ll be interesting to see. Thank you @hornhead!

Also, hps lights are better for flower than mh bulbs

Yeah I think next time I’ll separate the autos from the fems so I can use the right bulb/light schedule for each type.

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You guys were totally right… within the last 3 days she’s exploded buds, and they look like they’re going to be pretty big

Thanks again for your help!


Probably just a different phenotype.


By topping it you may have stalled it a bit. No big deal, as your plant seems a good size, so it might be stalled, but it’s not stunted. This plant will most likely end up a long flowerer and a big producer, from my experience.

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