Cookies/cream autos-newbie

Hello everyone! Can anyone help me out. This is my very first time at this so please be nice lol. I have this cookies/cream auto which seems to be either a slow grower or I’m off to a rocky start. I’m going into week three and per pics of other plants at wk three they are bigger than mines. For the most part I let it get regular sun light unless its a cloudy day then I let it sit under the grow lights.


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Overwatering will stunt growth. Be careful to avoid overwatering at this stage. All a seedling has is a single tap root and it is easy to drown them at this stage. All it should be getting at this point is a few ml of water per day, then let the soil dry out before watering again. Cannabis tolerates dry soil far better than wet soil.

I would replant it and bury it up to its neck when you do so. The plant needs that for stability.

Your plant is so leggy because it isn’t getting adequate light and is stretching for more light. If outdoors, then get it as much direct sun as possible. If indoors, then your lighting is inadequate. What are you using for lighting? Is this going to be an outdoor plant?


Thanks. I thought so too about it being leggy but wasn’t really sure. It’s going to be indoors. I do alternate from grow light and natural sun. When its under the grow light its not too far away. I will add a picture of where i have it. Its a old pic so the actual plant isnt in the pic just the setup. It sits innthe bottom section. Will it stretching like this cause it to not produce as well? I only water when its barely damp. I have a lot of regular house plants so I do lean more on the side of allowing it to dry out before watering again.


Oh and I made a lil makeshift light reflector that goes around the gold box. Trying to box the light in. Not sure if it works since its just foil wrapped around a board.

Lighting is the single most important factor for a productive grow. Do you have a budget for lighting? You are not going to be able to have a productive plant with the setup you have now.

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Yes and no. I do have better lights but thought this would work while it’s still this small. I have some sansi 35w lights and GE grow lights. How are those or which ones do I need?

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Just to give you some idea of what can be done these are 5/6 weeks old autos under a 480 watt led

I don’t think either of the lights you mentioned are sufficient enough to bring your plant through flower


There are no GE bulbs suitable for growing cannabis. The industry gold standard are lights built with Samsung LM301 diodes. If growing a single plant you will want to shoot for a minimum of 200 watts with LM301 diodes. Expect to pay a little over $1 per watt for quality lighting. HLG, AC Infinity, Mars Hydro, and Spider Farmer all have good lights.


Ok thank you I’m going to amazon right now!

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Post the light you are thinking about getting and we’ll help you make a choice. There are a bunch of scam lights on Amazon.


HLG lighting is where to start. However lights are expensive but they pay for themselves your first successful grow. You will be all smiles. You can search on this forum and find answers to any questions, you can also ask for advice and this group of growers will help. Good luck and welcome to the community


What @John7 said. You have to be willing to invest some cash to really be in the game. Lighting is where the majority of your investment will go. It has to be a quality light like HLG. There’s no cheaping out, trust me, I’ve tried. You gotta bite the bullet.


@Indacut this was only my forth grow ever with 680watt lights. I have a 4x8 tent so it takes two for my size tent. Super skunk autos from ILGM beans. I’m addicted to growing now😁 my yield was 4 lbs for 8 plants. However I’m still learning and expect to increase my yield to 3 lbs for 4 plants. At least that’s my goals. Anyway just wanted to share a little bud porn to help you with your decision with lights. I couldn’t afford good lights at first but over a little time I was able to improve my equipment. Good luck my friend


Wow. Those are massive colas.


This was my 1st grow in hydroponic setting. It was so much fun I built a 12x12 grow room. Putting the roof on today. Going to grow vegetables and a weed or 12😆

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I grew tomatoes, bell peppers, basil, cilantro, and dill in my tent 2 winters ago.


@MidwestGuy @John7 @Dexterado These are the lights that I summed it up to on amazon.

Based on the reviews I’m leaning towards the 2nd one. What’s yall thoughts? Also rt now I guess I can only do so many replys in a day.

The first one is only 100 watts and the 2nd is only 80 watts. They are both underpowered and are intended for the veg stage only, as they have minimal red spectrum. Red spectrum is necessary to support flowering. You need a minimum of 200 watts including red spectrum for 1 plant. The Mars light says red spectrum but it is not accurate if it is strictly a 5000k light, which they say it is. The spectral map for the Mars is lacking proper red spectrum.

If a Spider Farmer light, I would choose the SF2000. I’m not familiar with any Mars 200 watt lights, but I’m sure that they are out there.

That Mars says it is a 450 watt replacement is just not accurate. Mars can’t turn 80 watts into 450 unless they’ve somehow figured out how to defy the laws of physics. I’m disappointed to see these claims from Mars.

This should resolve quickly if you keep reading, posting, and liking posts. The limitation helps throttle the scammers we see occasionally.

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Plan on 40 to 50 true watts per square foot.

Not sure what your budget is for lights at this time, sometimes you can find sales especially at holidays like Memorial Day etc.
Be patient and you can get a good deal. Sometimes they have refurbished at a big discount. I’m looking around I’ll let you know if I see anything.