1st time grow journal

-Tent - Cheap topo grow
Vivosun vs 1000 and ufo light that came with tent. Both 100w
-soils -Purple cow indicanja/ FFOF
-planted -Sept 19th broke soil sept 22nd

  • temps day/night
    Day 70-78 humidity 60-70
    Night 70-74 - humidity is up and down 58-65
    5 gallon fabric pots
    -h20- distilled water ph’d to 6.0 - 6.3
    -nutes- none yet besides fish fertilizer applied once 27th and 28th. Won’t apply again till week 4-5. I will be using the FF trio when needed as they mature.

    As of now! Will be uploading more as they grow.

Good to see you post up that journal. Let’s get this thing rolling.


Good luck


@MidwestGuy do yu kno what this discoloration is? It’s like kind of black almost! Is this a concern?

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They look fine.


Update! Cleaned my tent out with bleach water cuz it was starting to smell and seem like a pest habitat lol

Also I added my ufo light that came with the tent! Just so that’s one less step when it comes to veg and flower! Annndd I rearranged my induct system to shoot out the top instead of along the side to give me more room!
Any other suggestions? Or am I good for now!?

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@1HappyPappy look good bro?

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Your grow is looking great. Keep it up.

My only advice right now is this. Hang your filter so there are as few bends in the flex pipe as possible. Every turn decreases your airflow.

Have a great day.


Is the FFOF getting to it ? Starting to look a lil burnt!

Yes. It’s not uncommon when seedlings are in OF, which is a pretty hot soil. Sometimes they are fine and sometimes not.

I wouldn’t worry about it unless it gets worse.

Use HF or Strawberry Fields for seedlings next time.

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Ok imma go grab some HF soil soon as I’m out the shower! How long would it take for to kno if i need to toss and start over? @MidwestGuy

I doubt you will have to start over.

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That’s kind of a relief! Lol I hope not it’s actually starting to get leaves now too! Yu see that?

Healthy new growth is the important thing. Keep an eye on new growth and ignore the affected leaf. It’s not going to repair itself.



You will need to raise your lights if your grow goes as expected. Consider moving the fan and filter outside the tent.

If you have room on top of the tent you can set them there and use a short piece of duct to suck the air out of the top of the tent.

How would that work tho? I thought yu could only suck air threw the filter and not blow through it?

Duct inside the tent, to filter on top of the tent, with the fan sucking the air through the filter.

If I got a soil ph tester, would that mean I wouldn’t have to check run off? When I get to that point obviously! Lol I’m just tryna get everything I need In order so I’m not scrambling last min when it’s needed! @MidwestGuy

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What soil pH tester? The pronged meters are all worthless. Every one of them is not worth the plastic used to make them.

You should be either checking runoff or doing a slurry test with a proper digital meter. Checking runoff is the easier method of the 2 and still quite accurate. There are no substitutes. I’ll link a meter below that will accomplish either method.

Here is the one I use. It also tests PPM. You can find less expensive options if you look.

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Just one from a local shop here lol a cheapie! @MidwestGuy

I will definitely look into the one posted tho!