Continuous topping

If I want you continually top my plant in every possible spot at least one time throughout it’s veg growth before flowering is it possible. Photo’s not auto’s ok.


You top ur photoperiod plant as many times as u want to just as long you allow it to grow after doing the first topping


Thank you you know what I mean or referring to topping it just like you did the first time at the lets say 5th node… like in this pic


Ever hear of the term Law of Diminishing Returns. The roots and stem can only support a certain amount of vegetative growth at a given size and age. The more you top the longer you need to let it veg. If you don’t restore this balance the size of the bud is reduced as a result.
This is not my plant. It is from Low’s Grow journal. This single plant is about 5 months old in a 2x4’ scrog frame.

I did a topping exercise with NL a while back. It may have been the wrong strain to try it on and I know I did not let it grow out enough to support the number of created. Trimming that many smaller buds is a PIA. I have gravitated toward fewer larger (hopefully) buds.


Hi there. You should put grates or risers under plants so not sitting in runoff :slightly_smiling_face:


You can top as many times as you like, It comes down to Managing your space. Outside Christmas tree type plant does well , inside I like a Bush With even canopy. Just my thoughts
Happy growing ! :v:

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