I haven't done much pruning on my first grows...a Topping question

This is probably going tyo be a stupid question but here goes. When People talk about topping are they talking about just the main stock or all of the off shuts. Just doing the one wouldn’t seem to add much to the final harvest. Thanks


Different schools of thought on this topic like most of them.

To keep things simple… I tend to top twice during veg to fill a my grow space. If you have low plant count topping is always beneficial at least once in veg to ensure you get good amount of growth tips closer to light.

When the plant is young (lets say 5x nodes) I tend to only top the main stalk, then when I do the second topping I would do all the strong ones.

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Yes, you top the main above a node of your choosing, 4th and 5th are where I usually top for indoor tent growing. Topping stops the main apical growth diverting that energy to all the side branches below. This method and LST is used to create an even canopy so all the bud sites receive equal lighting and increases yield. A natural cannabis plant will grow and resemble a Christmas tree. Lower buds won’t ripen at the same rate the uppers will :love_you_gesture:


After you top(1-2weeks) you can tie down the two new branches to give multiple chutes even lighting. You could get 6-8 tops out of those two new branches.
First photo is the day i tied them down, 2nd pic is two weeks later.


Thank you for the reply’s.