Considering topping my Gold Leaf

I’m considering topping my Gold Leaf Fems. I’ve read here about waiting to the 5th node. My question is what designates a node? Single leaf, 3 leaves, or 5 leaves? In other words when do I start counting nodes?


This is a gold leaf. Topped really well. 5th full set of leaves.


That’s a very nice looking plant. I wonder how the buds filled out under the tops. Your plant looks leafy. I’m wonder because I have a plant that looks about the same

Yea couple of mistakes. The qb’s made it grow so fast andI was greedy. Still yielded over 1lb. Should have trimmed a few leaves to allow for some light to lowers, but really there weren’t that many. The other mistake I made was to have the qb’s to close so the buds didn’t stretch. Third, I added sugar to the DWC that really was nasty. The grow you can find here:

That is bad ass! I’m in dirt outside. Just to be clear, don’t top until the 5th node of 5 leaves?

I also have a grow journal going. Very pleased so far.

Everyone counts the nodes differently. I usually wait til the 5th or 6th set of “serrated” leaves appear.