Confused on the different looking plants

I am a new grower and planted my auto flower bubble gum seeds Aug.1. I have three plants that look the same and are bushy and just beginning to bud. The odd ball is tall, leggy, longer and slender leaves and is in the second week of budding. Did I receive a mixed order?

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Nope just a plants doing thier own thing just like people. I have a bubble gum that’s purple one that’s green.


Only “clones” are “identical”. The more sisters appear, grow, and taste alike, the more stable the breed happens to be. Any “new strain” that hasn’t been bred into itself (stabilizing the strain) the more diverse the offspring will be. Stabilized strains give you more predictable results. Fresh mixed genetics give a wide array of offspring dissimilar from each other.


Good explanation. Explains y my payote cridical look so identical. Good genetics and stable


Just like kids. No one is the same.


I think you might have misunderstood my post. Three look like they are the same type strain while the other looks like it is a different type of strain.

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The milk man’s kid?


Ive grown plants same strain. Three outta 4 looked very similar. The 4th mustof been the milkmans as first 3 short & bushy. Fourth tall & lanky. Clone the ones with the traits you prefer.

the plant on the left is far further into flowering, it already started budding and looks like week 2-4 of flower. The others dont even bud yet. I would keep the strange one :smile:

@relief I planted 3 Chocolate Skunk 1 looks like typical sativa long skinny dark green leaves, 1 typical indica lighter green fat leaves, and 1 looks like some mutant plant. All came from same seed bank and were supposedly the same. I guess it’s not as uncommon as I thought. As long as I get a great high I dont really care. Although I’m a huge sativa fan.

They are auto flowers