Confused and overwhelmed

I’m sorry, but I’m a complete novice. Never smoked. My mom has non small cell lung cancer, and I’m growing in order to make her the RSO oil. I’m looking at seeds. I need the fastest seeds to harvest with the highest THC amounts. Must be over 20% minimum THC. AND I also need different seeds that are extremely high in CBD. Two different kinds of oils I want to make.

Also seeds suitable for beginners, adds another element to it.

I am overwhelmed by the seed choices.

Also, some seeds say so many days to flower. Is this the same as so many days to harvest?


I tagged you on original post good info there.


Hi there. I empathize with you big time. There is quite a bit to growing cannabis but it can be broken down and simplified. My first recommendation is to get Bergman’s guide. It’s a very readable, interesting PDF that is free. It will serve as an excellent primer. You can read the whole thing in a matter of minutes, but you’ll want to re-read it as you go. There are other good sites as well that will help make sense out of everything.

This is my recommendation: Use autoflower seeds because they will veg and flower the fastest. I also recommend using the simplest germination method as well. Either soak your seeds first (look up ways to do this), wait for a little tap root and then plant in your final pot of soil. Or do what I did which was simply plant an unsoaked seed directly in moist (but not muddy soil). I used a 5-gallon pot with plenty of holes on the bottom for drainage.

SOIL: I use Happy Frog from Fox Farms. It’s not a ‘hot’ soil (ie. not a ton of nutrients) but it can be planted directly into, and you don’t have to feed for the first few weeks. Others like stuff from Roots Organic. There are lots of good soils.

WATER: You can use tap water so long as you let it sit out long enough to get rid of the chlorine (if its municipal). If you have a well like I do it’s probably fine. Just make sure you adjust its pH to make sure it falls within a range between 6 and 7. There are plenty of people on here who can tell you about how to do that. But basically they sell this stuff called ‘PH UP’ and 'PH Down" and it comes with a test tube and a testing liquid. You put your plant water in the test tube, drip some of the test solution into it and it’ll turn color. The color will give you an idea of how acidic or basic the plant water is. It’s not perfect but you’re looking for a range. It’s also your first grow ever so I wouldn’t get too hung up on this aspect. The fact you’re using soil will actually help mitigate pH swings somewhat.

Nutrients: after the first couple weeks you’ll want to start feeding with every other watering. There are many fine liquid nutrients on the market. I use Fox Farms Trio (big bloom, grow big and Tiger Bloom) and Botanicare cal-mag. There is a feeding schedule for these nutes right on Fox Farm’s website. Cut their recommendations in half and you should be perfect.

Did I mention to read Bergman’s guide?

LIGHTS: Everyone is going to give you different answers for what lights to use. I use a pair of $109 LED’s from Yehsence that can be found on amazon. They’re not bad, especially for inexpensive lights. The two lights combined draw about 360w from the wall and are very bright. They include red, blue, white and IR and UV LED’s. I’ve had excellent results so far. Others are going to strongly argue for other lighting solutions and they make excellent arguments. I use this lighting solution because it was $218 and it uses relatively little power. My plant has grown beautifully so far. Please pick the brain of other people on the site though. I am, after all, a novice.

VENTILATION: make sure to throw a few fans in your tent to circulate the air. Also, it’s a good idea to exhaust the air out the top with a fan and a charcoal filter. Cannabis can be a bit smelly (some strains are VERY smelly. Other’s like Northern Lights isn’t too bad at all.

There is a lot to write about growing cannabis, but hopefully this gives you an idea. I hope experienced members jump in here to correct me and augment what I wrote. Good luck.


Welcome to the site @Contented
Tough road ahead…wishing you and your mom a speedy road to wellness.
Some questions relating to your situation.
Do you live in a legal state for medical and or recreational use etc?
If so you’ll want to know the state and any local regulations they have about growing them as in number at a time…etc etc
Will you be planning your grow inside or outside?
You’ll want to get a better idea also of how much medicine you will be going through for making the various oils and so on. Will relate to how many plants you will need to produce enough medicine.
Auto seeds are quickest to harvest ranging anywhere from 8 weeks to 12 weeks and some even longer.
Depending on the strain and the growers skills/experience you can get 1-4 ounces of herb per plant (just a general range)…
I also am new to the home growing and I’m sure others will be along but some of the above questions will help with guidance.

Hope this helps and HAGD I


Thank you for reaching out.

Yes, it is legal where I am. Everyone is allowed to grow up to 4 plants per household.

However, I have a medical growers license to be able to grow for my mom. I live in the country and have enough space. I want to start the seeds inside and then move them outside once warm enough - likely the first week of June.

The Rick Simpson Oil receipe for cancer calls for 450 grams of pure dried flower (no leaves, stems etc) of a mostly indica and highest THC possible. This is enough to last for two months.

The medical license allows me to grow up to 30 plants at a time.

When the seed description says flowering 55 days - does this mean that it is ready to harvest at 55 days? Or does this mean that the flowers start to come out at this stage.

It would be so much easier if all the companies, did the same, listing the harvest time from germination.

Thanks so much


Thank you so much for your insight and sharing what you have done. It is helpful. Yes, I have read the guide many times over the past two weeks, in preparation.

I just ordered LED full spectrum grow lights from Home Depot. Likely not the greatest - but on a very limited budget as I lost my income, when I started looking after my mom.

And as I plan on moving them outside by the time they start to flower, I think the sun will take care of them from there.

Yes, I’m on a well. So water should be ok, although I’ll get a ph test kit to make sure. The nutrient side of things seems a little more complicated.

What I’m wondering though, is when they list the flowering days as 55 - what exactly does that mean? Does that mean that the start to flower at 55 days, or take 55 days of flowering before being ready, or does that mean they are ready for harvesting in about 55 days?

Thanks so much.

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Thank you for the chart - this is a big help. I wish there was one similar for the auto versions. Or does an auto have the same amount of THC as a photoperiod?


For instance - in this chart, it lists flower time in days. Is this when the plants start to flower or are done flowering and ready to harvest? Or is it how many days that they spend flowering?

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Go to the thread I tagged you in. He has all kind of charts sorted in a lot of formats. Usually the fastest you’ll flower is about 7-8 weeks.

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This is a guideline like yields; individual results will vary. Every plant is unique and has unique characteristics so remember even two plants of the same strain may behave differently to your conditions.

Starting inside and moving outside is a great way to do an outside grow but you need to plan for all of the problems associated with being outside: weather, predators and thieves. Autoflowering strains are a good choice to dip your toe in growing cannabis.

I would only suggest at this point that you identify what medium you are going to use and decide on the best one for you. Stay well away from any soils not specifically designed for cannabis. You will get into all kinds of trouble chasing the PH if you use something like Miracle Gro.


Thank you - I had bought a couple of bags of organic fruit/vegetable soil mixture. I guess that isn’t the right kind. I’ll see what I can find that specifically says for cannabis.


Look at Fox Farms, Roots Organics and Black Magic. They are all pretty good and optimized for cannabis. It’s not so much the nutrients used but the PH the soil is buffered to is outside of the solubility for the nutrients the plant wants. You would be PH’ing your soil throughout the grow. You can do a slurry test: take a 1/4 cup of soil, soak in a cup of DISTILLED water for 30 minutes then measure PH. Should be between 6.3 and 6.8. Stay away from any that say: “needs no fertilizer for 3 months!” or “Moisture Control”.

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Grow organically using organic nutrients and feed the living soil either inside or outside and it becomes much easier to let the critters in the living soil do the heavy lifting you can have a much easier time without all the hassles when using chemical nutrients.

Just my thoughts and based on your reasons for growing you might want the best natural outcome for the medicine.
Check out the Soil - I Love Growing Marijuana Forum
Microbes, Fungi, Bacteria - I Love Growing Marijuana Forum

A lot of reading but very good info to help.

The full cycle from seed to harvest (minus drying and curing) range from 8-12 weeks when using Autoflower seeds and when using Photo seeds could be 10-20 weeks or more from seed to harvest. The Photo seeds is where you choose when to put them into flower and from there average another 8-12 weeks of flowering before being ripe for harvest.

@Contented welcome to the group and sorry to hear about your mom. I hope and pray that she will get better. I lost my mom to breast cancer in 2010 this month.

That being said you are in the right place to get answers. The guys here are good. To answer your question about your organic soil I would say as long as you didn’t get the Miracle Grow brand and it was a composted organic soil for vegies you should be good.

I would invest in CalMag though and lots of perlite. Many strains like a well drained soil. The perlite will help it give more air to the roots.

Good luck and again welcome to the group.


This example shows that the 55 days is how long on average it takes once the plant starts flowering not including (beginning of grow) the seed start, vegetative stage nor the after harvest time of drying (5-7 days) and curing another 2+ weeks. If your not smoking any and only using buds for making RSO than I don’t think curing is going to be necessary. I’m not sure if recipe for RSO calls for dry bud or if you could use it wet right from the plant upon harvest.
image image

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The days flowering is a guide from when you see your first flowers. Welcome to the forum! You’ll find great advice here and lots of friendly folk willing to help. Sorry to read about your mum, I hope the oil you make her helps. Sending get well wishes from across the pond. If you want someone’s attention just put an @ then start typing their name. Good luck with your journey :four_leaf_clover::v:t2:


Welcome to The Forum. My advice is to read other people’s journals. You learn a lot from mistakes Leaf deficiencies and methods. Don’t overthink it and keep it simple. I would start with Fox Farms ocean Forest where you don’t need nutrients for at least 4 to 6 weeks. Then whatever it says on the chart do you only use half at first. Yes flowering time means hardly nothing. You could have some go as much as 10 weeks before you see trichomes get 75% cloudy and maybe never see any amber. Best bet is to just get some 5-gallon cloth pots filling with dirt and start growing and read journals while you’re growing. Everybody has their own methods and you must learn everybody’s method and then put your own method together and it may take a couple years and many failures and you will want to give up and throw your arms in the air and say this ain’t worth it. But in the big picture it is and you must look at it like it is fun to grow. Don’t put yourself under pressure it won’t be fun and you will quit. Good luck and happy growing and you can always tag me and ask me any questions you want and if I know the right answer I will give it to you and if I know the person that might have it I will tell you to him or her.


I’m a new grower and you are so right if I hadn’t found a place to ask questions I wouldn’t do so great. I’m starting my 2nd grow and every time I spend time in my grow room I come out smiling cause I REALLY love growing watching my favorite thing grow and grow right in front of my eyes, I started just to see if I could and now I’m hooked, amazes me my plants grow an inch or more a day. Thanks everyone


@skydiver Thank you for the tips. I’m wondering if you, or if anyone knows if this would be ok. I don’t have the time to properly compost - I need to start growing now and not wait six months for compost. But we juice 8 pounds of raw organic carrots every day. To make a good soil for organic growing, could I take the carrot pulp and put it through the vitamix with water, and use that when I first prepare the soil? Its always really dry when it comes out of the bag, and if I mixed this into it right at the start, to moisten the soil, would that be good? It hasn’t decomposed yet - it would just be the pulp from the juicing all blended up into water? I noticed that in the organic grow guide here, it said that fruit and vegetable scraps are high in Nigtrogen - and isn’t that also what you want to start with?

Thanks so much.


You want nitrogen when plants are young and in veg not necessarily when they’re seedlings they produce their own nutrients for the first couple weeks. I’m going to tag some folks as well that are always great with tips and guiding. @garrigan62 @Myfriendis410 @dbrn32 @MattyBear @blackthumbbetty