Complete newbie here

hello all im very new here. just desided to start growing afew days ago as im tired of not obtaining the strains i like. so here is my first dilema, lighting. i plan on building my own grow room which will be a 4x4x6 room. to keep it simple for my first grow ill be growing in soil. and i plan on growing OG kush autoflower. so, which led fixture would be the best to start off with for 2 plants. im on a budget as my business isnt doing too well at the moment, so the cheaper the better for me when it comes to lighting

Best bang for your buck is going to be something DIY, or at least pieced together, or even a kit. There is tons of information here: Let's talk DIY lights

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hi, thanks for your reply, im actually very much overwelmed with all this reserch. so im just trying to keep all this simple at the moment. im thinking about just buying this setup on ebay Pro II Epistar 800W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum+3’×3’ Indoor Grow Tent Box Kits. just to be able to start growing fairly soon, then after i get the concept of growing down, then expand. so would that be ok for a starter unit?

What’s price?

Those kits are convenient but you can usually piece them together for cheaper if you shop patiently. As a general statement, you typically get what you pay for too. Nothing wrong with starting as inexpensive as possible, but make sure you’re getting a good value and not just cheap stuff.

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hi, the price of the setup is 434. heres the stats on the light:

  • lightweight and easy to move once constructed.
  • Mars Hydro Pro II 160 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
  • Model: Mars 720w led grow light
  • Size: 14’’ x 21’’ x 4’’ = 35cm x 53cm x 10cm
  • LED Brand: High-end Epistar chip
  • LED quantity:160pcs.
  • True Watt: 362w ±5%
  • Amperage: 3.5A /110V, 1.71A /220V
  • Lumen: 12817 lm ±5%
  • Par Value: 1018 μmols
  • Core cover: 2’ x 2.5’
  • Noise: 56DB
  • N.W.: 15.43lbs / 7KG
  • View angle of leds: 90°/ 120° Mixed
  • World voltage: 85v~265v
  • Operation Temperature: -20~40℃
  • Plug: US, EU, UK, Japanese plug
  • Spectrum: White, 430-440nm, 450nm-475nm, 620nm-630nm, 650-660nm, Full spectrum

Pretty typical by blurple standards.

It’s $434 just for tent and light? Or does that include fan, filter, or anything else?

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it looks like its just for the light and tent. the other stuff ill probably get at a hardware store

I wouldn’t spend $400+ on it then. Buy a 3x3 on amazon and get a better light.


Like. Like. Like. Like. Like. Sorry outta likes. By tent $80. Diff light. U can get fan n filter. Ph meter. N a couple other things for 400

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No likes here either, but I do agree.

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Welcome to forum. Weve git fantastice informative geowers happy to help. After your seedling sprout they dont need alot of light. Cfls work fine @ this time. I suggest downloading the grow bible. Theres alot of info to help you out. I use a 18/6 hour for seedlings & veg but some here go w4. Lighting i cant tagging @dbrn32 wonderful grower my go to for lighting issues. You need a tent or make an enclosure. Its in the garage right?

no, actually my tent will be in my basement. i bid on a
1000W LED Grow Light Lamp for Plants Growth Bloom Tent Full Spectrum 110V 220V on ebay with a max bid of 60.00, i did shop around, and i figure the tent ill get is like 120.00. then all ill have to get is the filter, fan and ducting. once i get all that, then ill order the seeds, find the soil and nuts. ill download the grow bible and start reading that when the seeds are on their way. thank you to all that chimed in