First time grower lighting question

I’m a first time grower, and i need suggestion on what lights to use. i have to plants a friend gave me, they have the top big leaves and two leaves under that. I made light reflector out of 8in. heating duct, it’s 2ft, long. I have four light sockets in it with four 23 watts 1600 lums. Do you think that is enough light for right now.

That’s 23W CFL? Yes, 4 x 23W should be fine for now. Generally, you want about 75-100W per square foot on CFLs, though I’ve read you can make do with 50.

Good for now, but might want to look quick. I didn’t want to buy an expensive light so I used 4 23 watt cfls and a $40 led panel it’ll work but just barely. Might affect yield a bunch. I found a decent led for $189 on Amazon. If you are gonna devote 3+months on it might as well pull an ounce or two out of it. Shouldn’t skimp too much on lights

You want all the light you can get! What you get out of a grow, is directly related to what you put into it. Look into getting the best lighting you can afford, that will work with your space and environmental conditions. Your CFLs will maintain your plants for now, but not produce much bud. Spend some Google time and figure out what lighting will meet your needs and budget best.

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Depending on your size, you could look into an LED light.
A Mars Hydro 300W (140 true wats) can be found on amazon for $99 I think.

I’m currently growing with this light, but I’ve only harvested 1 plant from it so far.

Googling it doesn’t
seem to show any major problems with it either, so that’s usually a plus.
It just depends on your size and needs, and how much you want to spend.

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