Compact vs small on ilgm

Greetings, does anyone know which is a smaller plant? On ilgm, the descriptions of plants are small and also compact. What’s the difference… What is actually the smaller version of the two?

You’re going to have to add the context around descriptions and take with a grain of salt. A strain can be known to mostly produce one way but still have some different phenotypes that may produce growth differently than what is typically expected. From there you could have a plant that matures quickly and is ready to flower when its fairly young (small), but if you continue to veg this plant indefinitely could still turn into a large plant. For common purpose i would consider small as a short plant that is a little on slower side producing vegetative growth. I would consider a compact plant one that genetically has tighter node spacing and less lateral side branching.

Is there something specific you are trying to do?


Thank you so much for your time… I am trying to fit a crop in before it gets too hot by July… So I’m looking for a faster growth… Maybe totally done in 10 weeks from seed. So two and half months ideally… Have my eye on geloto and Skittles both said to be compact



Yes sir. This is my crop now… already harvest one!


Indoor, Mars hydro 650 e series. Foop nutrients. 7 gallon organic soil.

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I have wondered the same thing. Tall or Average. Sometimes in the growing narrative anticipated size in units are given. But I think this is the exception. I search for the strain on the forum and hopefully it is in a journal. In your case I would search for fast auto or similar rather than size. I think Lowryder and its hybrids are supposed to be fast. I don’t grow autos any longer so FWIW

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Like looking crop @Kozmoz !

I’m also trying for one more indoor run before summer. The month of February wasn’t great for my seedlings, and so I’m working on a plan B - smaller plants, but more of them.

I also popped some seeds that I’m planning to run outside. Just trying to toss some ideas out there.

Mattybear has been running his photo plants on 12/12 light schedule from start to finish and been getting them to harvest in 2.5 to 3 months.

Probably similar to what you would expect running 3-4 weeks of 18/6 and switching to 12/12.


I run them on 20/4 so I think I finish earlier then most.

If you’re finishing plants on 3 months or faster will put you on timeline you are asking then?

Wait what? Can you re phrase that

You said you’re looking to get a crop in by July and It’s currently March. If you can get to finish in 3ish months should be plenty good right?

Yes sir. Thank you for this thread. Seems like I’m going to use compact plants for this run. Thank you

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Will plant by April first. So all of June gets the air conditioner… Would like to finish sooner then later.

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You say organic soil @Kozmoz
Do you make your own or is it a bag product?
I’m using coast of main stonington blend.

I’m using 2 types of fox farm with foop which is living nutrients.

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