Super compact plants from feminized seeds

Strain: Tropicana cookies feminized
Seed bank: ILGM
Growing medium: FF ocean forest soil w/humboldt secrets nutes.
Lighting: SF2000 200watt LED
Potting: 3 gallon fabric pots
Ventilation: multiple fans with 5 inch exhaust and Carbon filter.
Water: filtered dechlorinated tap water.

I planted 3 sprouted seedlings directly into 3 gallon pots and as the weeks went by I didn’t see them growing like previous runs I had. Vegged them out for 2 months on a 18-6 light schedule and they stayed super compact which I feel is odd being that these are feminized seeds, didn’t do anything crazy just a light defoliation. They did not grow past I would say 18 inches and stayed fairly small all around, I flipped to flower and they’re currently going into week 3 but my question is, has anyone else experienced compact plants while using feminized seeds? Any feedback or personal experiences would be awesome.


Ya and seeds being feminized has nothing to do with their height

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The plants will be female thats all

Yes I understand they’re female, feminized seeds usually produce larger plants along with bigger yields in comparison to auto flower seeds. Was wondering if these genetics may be compact or just bad phenos, also I had a potassium deficiency not even 3 weeks into veg which shouldn’t have been an issue being that I used the super soil I’ve always used.

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ILGM describes it as compact but that is unusual.
My last grow was GDP from ILGM. It too is described as compact. However, it was one of the largest photoperiod plants I’ve grown. I am glad it was. I had room for it and it produced like crazy. I’m glad I took and grew its clones too.


Right it says compact but these being photoperiods should have been way way bigger, I’m waiting to the stretch in flower to come which may happen but it’s still a bit odd which is why I was worried lol. That’s awesome! I grew some GDP autos last year and they were almost disappointing with how small they were haha, you think these seeds could have just been from a bad batch or genetically are on the smaller side?

That would be my guess. That is what I was getting at with my GDP example. However in my case it was the opposite.
I see a lot of post about small / undersized auto’s. But not many about small photoperiod plants. It is one thing if it is intentional and veg for a short period. This is not the case in your situation. With an eight week veg I would expect a normal sized plant.

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Don’t know if it helps but I started a different strain in a 3 gallon pot and I think I over watered her and think that’s why mine was a shorty as well

Wasnt snapping earlier, and i guess they are pretty small for photos that age, sorry im just so used to seeing autos these days

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You left a lot of support ticket info out of original post. There is definitely a nutrient or ph issue here, which may or may not be related. The compact nature of plants suggest light intensity may have been a little higher than these plants wanted. Cool leaf surface temps could potentially do something like this too.

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Yea I’m gonna Finish these plants and hopefully get a semi decent yield all together and compare these to the next set of plants I grow. Might just go for some bigger genetics and strain on the next run, appreciate the feedback.

Very easy to overwater, still trying to dial in feeding and watering as I had a house sitter almost kill them for that reason too lol. Did you get a decent final product?

@Spike316 yeah had great final product when I finished with them I started using 5 gal fabric pots from then on out unless doing an experiment