Comentson the forum

Just want to say hi to everyone & I hope your Gardening is taking off as I’m positive mine will here down under regards Gr8



How far along are ya ? What ya growing ?

Welcome @Gr8

@Gr8 welcome to the best site out there, what are you growing , and what part of oz you in Syd here.

Only just sprouted can’t wait till I try whit widow

I’m in Umina Beach central coast NSW

Umina has a lot of bush around just gotta pick good spot

Umina beach central coast NSW lots of bush about & other walkers to so have to go camouflaged & all

Hi to everyone on support forum I’m an outdoor grower in Australia MID NSW on the coast hope I pull this one off just gotta keep vigilante no tracks ets hard to do but I’m determined camo’d & all

Central coast Umina Beach

I lived at pearly for a few years , I know the bush very well. @Gr8

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I used to grow the far end of pearly in the forest end , or back yard.

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Welcome @Gr8 great to see another Aussie . I’m in Se Qld .

Hi Coltfire I lived in Emerald ave Pearly grew there too i’m still on coast ,at moment I’ve lost all my white widows in the fires they were in 4 plots 3/4ft high all gone I’m on disability pension & saving to get more fires r really bad its at catastrophic conditions vhouses lost lives too evacs

Hope everybody in Australia NSW r safe

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Sorry to hear that @Gr8 ,I’m also on disability now, I spent yesterday on my ventilator , so glad to wake today to smoke free sky’s atm. I lived on diamond ave, right next to the tompsoms , Gr8 , how old are you if I may ask.

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I’m 53 good to hear u r alright I lived at Pearly from 1988__97 then over to Woy Woy bay til 99 now at Umina I decided to do some gorilla growing in a place I thought was really good & good for me for access as my disability is injury to knee near Toronto way which is approx 85klms from me they won’t open up access to any NP’s or forests I don’t think my WW survived have to save/start again think I’ll go auto GG at home just a couple or so I rent so at least get couple wks notice for inspect can hide em won’t lose em this time to valuable how r u going? & how old r u? All our NP’s here untouched should’ve done em local at least I know the area as u would is very good hey?

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Hi bluey I had good plots but been burnt was telling people I stayed local & only had sprouts bit paranoid I spouse but put all my WW in 4 plots approx 85klms from me & I think their gone in fires talk about kalma hey should’ve done local as was untouched thanx for the welcome mate c u around

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@Gr8 we are the same age, and lived there the around same time, do you remember a guy named ty, lived just at the forest end, or the family that lived next to the tompsoms of diamond drive , they were hiding from a hit man, who turned up there one day.

Far out don’t remember that but there was a fellow named Glynn who was looking after the little place before the waterfall track after Peter the artist/painter & his wife moved out apparently Jack Thompson baught was not allowed to build there,did u know a girl called Jo from there?