Combining grows

So I have a 4X8 tent, with three White Widows on one side and three Girl Scouts on the other. My question is, will these people ignore each other, love each other, or hate each other? Has anybody tried this before?

I grew five different strains outside in my grow cage. They did not seem to interact at all. I can foresee a problem with a difference in height. Your GS might grow taller than your WW, and as you raise lights to get them far enough away from the GS, you might starve the WW a bit. You might have to put the WW pots on little stands or a DIY table to bring them up to the same height. Or maybe you could use a SCROG that keeps them all the same height. If you have two lights, you could put a sheet of flat white painted cardboard in the middle between the two strains and then raise or lower the lights independently.


You can grow 6 strains at the same time if you prefer… Them are not like humans and argue for nothing :joy:


Thanks 1Big, good ideas. I was thinking about the different heights coming up and the cardboard and scrog sound good.

Thanks M4ur. You never know…!


@dudemon I grew both of these strains it depends on the veg time, I vegged mine for two months, and the canopy height ended up almost the same, within 6-8 inches. These plants did not have any training and grew however they wanted. Hope this helps.

Both are kinda “lanky” strains so height ought to be close.

With that tent size you may want to consider a SCROG. It will level canopy height and will increase yields if done right.

Thanks for the info Covert. Wow, only two months? So far my GS’s look like they will be tall and the WW’s squat and bushy (or maybe the opposite-I’m not even sure which is which yet, lol!). How long was your final phase after just two months of vegging?

Hi Myfriend thanks for the info. I will be looking into the scrog…

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@dudemon well every phenotype strain is different for finishing times, but the WW and GSC finished in about 60 days after I changed the light schedule. There were a couple that went 2 weeks past that. The 60 days is always an estimate. Always check trichomes for your decisions on harvesting. They really pack on the weight the last week or two, so pay attention to pistols, and trichomes. She will tell you, you just have to pick up the signals. And when responding be sure to use the @Covertgrower so we know you responded.

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Whas happ’n? Except for the young one at the end, my indoor WW and GSC fem photophenos will be at 60 days on the 18-6 schedule by the end of the month (in about 3 weeks). Do you think waiting another three weeks to go to the 12-12 schedule is too long and you might move it up some (by 7 or so days?). Thanks!

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@dudemon as long as you have at least a 5ft ceiling, you should be fine. I grew GSC, and they have about 75% stretch. Phenotype pending of course. I vegged mine for 8 weeks. They stopped just above the 4ft mark and some below that. Hope this helps. Your grow may vary due to nutrients and lighting conditions.

Sounds good Covertgrower. Appreciate it. I’ll give these the same amount of time, then.

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