Collecting rosin off of parchment paper

I just got a new 6 ton Dabpress and I’m needing a little help. I’ve pressed 5 times so far all at 190f and around 3 to 4 minutes each time. The first 2 times I started trying to collect the rosin and probably a third of it just smeared on the paper and won’t come off. Read some online and put the third pressing in the freezer overnight and the next morning it peeled right off. So the next 2 pressings I put in the freezer overnight again but the next morning they didn’t scrape off and smeared like the first 2.

Is there any way to collect the rosin better from the parchment paper? I have the tools from the Dabpress kit for scraping. I saved the pucks and paper and plan on running that through my old extraction machine using PGA so it isn’t a total loss but I’d rather have rosin. TIA.