Calling all Rosin experts - need help with a difficult strain

I’ve got a difficult strain that’s giving me hassles when pressing it.

It’s Maui Wowie and I have a lot of it to work with.

Every time I press it I get a really thin runny rosin that’s nearly impossible to collect. It just smears all over the parchment. Only way I can even get any of it up is with a chilled glass stamp or the back or a cold spoon.

I’ve tried pressing thru 90u and 120u bags. I’ve tried different humidity levels from bone ass dry on up to different boveda pack levels 55, 60, 62(which is my most common standby). I’ve tried different temps between 150 and 200.

I get fine results with other strains. I just can’t do anything good with this Maui. Any ideas?

Does it stay that consistency after curing a few days?

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It firms up very slightly but to be honest I’ve only ever been able to collect small amounts, no more than half a gram

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Its probably just not a heavy resin strain. Try making hash with it or something lol no clue

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Ain’t that just the way? I’m getting a press this year and it looks like I’ll steer clear of that strain.


The funny thing is I grew this back over the winter and harvested in March but took clones before I started flowering and after the initial harvest I flowered the clones.

The first batch of Maui was exactly the same as the second – of course because they’re clones. But by the time I was smoking on the first batch I was already halfway into flowering the second when I realized that hey maybe this isn’t the best herb for what I want to do. At that point it’s too late and now I’m sitting on half a pound.

The thing is I actually like the effects of smoking it but I’d prefer it as concentrate.

In this case I think my only course left is to do a solvent extraction.


I make a tincture for joint pain. My wife and I use it. I use Everclear for extraction. The other day I put a drop under my tongue and man was I tripping. Like real fast. Made me decide for a little more amber before harvest.

I’m looking forward to getting the rosin press plates. I already have a press.


That’s awesome man, if you like extracts you’ll love solventless.

I will most likely do an Everclear extraction however I’ll need to purge it properly because I need to load it into a vaporizer rather than just go sit sublingually. Unfortunately edibles don’t work for me.