Coco rinse and buffering advice

What is the best way to rinse and buffer some low quality coco just seeing what people think about it thanks and happy growing

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I would not want to risk the time and effort it takes to bring a plant to harvest on a suspect medium. Low quality in what way?
Even if the coco is free I would rather spend a few $$ on quality coco coir eg Canna Coco bricks. Read coco for cannabis about preparing coco that need preparing.

A lot of off brand coco coir will state it’s been rinsed of salts… very seldom the case. I’ve had to use these before and my advise is to reconstitute the coco and run a gallon of water through it as a rinse and check the TDS. I’ve had to rinse using several gallons to get the TDS down below a 100 :love_you_gesture:

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I use Canna coco


Like say for instance one of the little coco bricks from Walmart I’m just wondering not actually doing it I was told that the best way to rinse coco is put some in a strainer and put it under the tap and pour water in it till the water comes out clear

Ok so what do you say about buffering I was told to take and mix 7.5 gallons of cal mag and take a 5 gallon fabric pot and let it sit in that solution for 8 hrs

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Never heard of soaking the fabric pot. Once that I know the coco is basically salt free I give a dose of Billions microbes, calmag and plant my seedling and start the feeding of Jacks nutrients at around 500 PPMs and 5.9 PH. On a known good coco brick it can be reconstituted in jacks nutrients as in 321 :love_you_gesture:

The canna coco is a reputable brand

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Walmart gets it from someone. I wonder who the processor is? If the package does not say it is washed and buffered then treat it as if it isn’t.
Do what you said, rinse it well. After it is rinsed I buffer it by soaking it for a couple days in 5.8 pH water with 7.5ml of calmag / gallon of water.
A lot of fine particles gets washed out and can really make a mess. If you can rinse it outside it is a lot easier.
I have used Burpee brand from Walmart. For me it was over processed but I rinsed it through a colander and washed out a lot of the fines.

Best of getting a good quality coco coir that has been buffered already

What do y’all think about viagrow coco? Anyone heard or used it

What does this look like to y’all? It’s been on this particular plant for a few weeks

5 gallon fabric pots will just barely squeeze into a 5 gallon bucket , soak in a cal mag infused water 12-24 hrs drain, repeat once and you re ready to let it partially dry out and use

Yah im stumped on this one i havent seen something like this

But it’s not messing with the plant it’s just been there I’ve never seen it before

That’s what I have heard to do and what is some good fungus gnats killer

Lining the rim of your tent with fly paper/glue traps , they’re so active that it catches them before mating gets out of hand and i use viagrow its great coco

I bought some do you need to flush it or buffer it

Just buffer its pre rinsed

Canna coco every time for me

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