Coco rinse and buffering advice

We’re do you get your canna coco

Ebay it’s quite cheap

Let me tag in @Graysin whose knows a lot more about coco than me.

Thanks for the tag @JaneQP - my method is to soak it in the bathtub with a double dose of CalMag for a day. I’m an absolute hit with my wife. :joy:

After that ordeal, I just buy Canna Coco. Last time I got some I think it was from some random online hydro shop.

Skip the washing and buffering from now on

I buy my coco from an Indoor Grow Supply in a nearby town. Buying it in the store is way way cheaper than having it shipped. Like half the price. I get the 3 pack of Grow!t bricks for 13 bucks. Filling a 5 gallon bucket with plain tap water and a dose of calmag I soak them for a day or two. Just whatever fits into my schedule. From there I scoop it into my grow bags and take it out and rinse it for a few minutes with the garden hose. Yes, the city water has chlorine, but I let the bags set for a few days anyway so its long gone by the time I get ready to use them. Last step is to water the bags with what the plants will get which is full strength Jacks 321. I use RO water for this step. Water till you get a decent run off. At least 25% out. Its now ready for plants. As long as you dont wait till the day you need it the process is fun and easy. I have used it just straight from the brick to grow bag and it did ok. I will see a calcium problem at about 8 to 10 weeks that wont go away but the plants finish. By buffering the issue is not a problem.

On the leaf discoloration, that looks like variegation. Its harmless genetics and usually goes away but can hang around in some plants. Sometimes its quite striking and cool looking.
Google “Cannabis Variegation” and look at some of the examples.


hello everyone, I could use your help please. I used Coco once but I was trying to make a living soil. I seen a good video on YouTube I can’t remember who made it right now but when I do I will post. Anyway this time I want to use straight coco (roots organic) It claims to be washed and buffered. That’s one of the things necessary before using it to grow if I understand correctly or if my source is reliable?? I read some on washing it I think I can handle that but when it comes to buffering with cal mag I know nothing and need your help please. The cal mag I have is cutting edge solutions (cal mag amplified 2-0-0 )
I don’t know the ph of the Coco I have and I don’t know how much or how to add coco. Please help. I am also new to the forum please have patience till I learn how to navigate it I’m using a smart phone. I am going to do a slurry test on the coco and I will be using RO water. Thanks again. I’m glad this forum is here. PH of slurry was 6.5. And the video was Mr Canucks

I’ve used half a dozen brands and have never washed once. :call_me_hand:t3: just hydrate with full strength that’s appropriately pH’d and move on. I’ve done hundreds of plants this way. :v:t3:


Thanks. I’m lm thinking of experimenting on one plant and see how it goes. Got to do my home work on feeding and watching Ppm. Thanks again


I read after I started these plants in solo cups all in soil that even if you add worm castings it will change your coco grow into a soil grow. I planned on transplanting into 1 gallon fabric bags to 5 gallon grow bags but I will never get all the soil off from the solo cups. So it would not be 100% coco grow and could cause issues ??? What do you think? Thanks.

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It can cause overwatering issues until the roots spread out into the rest of the medium. Just have to water mindfully and away from the stalk. :call_me_hand:t3: I’ve transplanted from soil to coco with OK success but not 100%

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Thank you leave it to me to make things difficult

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It’s all good. I’ve learned through trial and error also. Best way to go about it.

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I’m using coco from roots organic brick form. I seen this video on YouTube about living coco.

Kind of hard to follow but he only added 3 things. So it seemed simple and I wanted to try it. So igot it all together I used cal mag amplified by CES 2-0-0 5 mil to 1 gallon twice buffered coco , Azomite , Root growth enhancer and bio- live 5-4-2 about a tea spoon of each in a 1
Gallon fabric grow bag. The 3 time I watered with spring water ( deer park ) with a fish and seaweed fertilizer 2-3-1 got 3 tablespoons of rum off so I checked it and I got like 2100 ppm and a 7.2 ph. Why so high? Don’t I want around 6 ph? PPM I can understand why it’s high It’s the first run off.
I do not have plant in yet. Just checking things out thanks

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Coco needs frequent fertigation with liberal run off each time. Salts from synthetic fertilizer will accumulate in the root zone driving up the PPMs without 20% or more run off :love_you_gesture:

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