Cloudy or amber

My phone shot shit and lost my calendar on when it started to flower and when I planted. Should I harvest or wait? Are they cloudy or clear

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Looks cloudy to me but a better pic will tell more ,but it looks theres still alot of white pistols on ur buds

Define better pic please!?

Only been growing a few years. This plant just keeps putting on new flowers. First time with wedding cake. Want a nice head high with full body high. When to harvest?

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Need a closer pic of the trichomes on the buds, not the sugar leaves. By the white hairs it looks like a couple of weeks maybe.

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Still looking like you got some clear, but a good bit of cloudy starting to fill in. The sugar leaves develop ahead of the actual buds so the further in the flower you can get the pic, the better. Amateur opinion, a couple of weeks. Do you have a rough time frame of how many weeks she’s been in flower?

Here’s the best advice I can offer based on the magnification (or lack thereof) when using a loupe you can see them better than we can in your pictures, so:

  1. Clear trichs look like glass
  2. Cloudy trichs look like plastic
  3. Amber trichs look… you guessed it amber (in color)

Good luck, and Happy Growing!


A better pic of the buds close up so we can see the trichomes better