Cloudline t4 controller 69

I recently upgraded to an Ac infinity cloudline with controller 69 any tips or settings advice out there


Use the App!

Also a lot of info here in this thread


Probe placement very sensitive, crown height recommended
IR-gun advised for setting VPD (Leaf temp minus air temp),
Buffer temp +1 (ramps fan setting vice full ON, when triggered).
VPD realistic during daytime (lights on), vice chasing nighttime VPD.
Set temperature limits, use auto, and force temperature changes (see how device functions while monitoring).
Be aware some software updates might reset device to factory settings.
@Bracketh has it right.
USE App for controlling device, else fat fingering, timing operations in background, and mode hopping will screw up something.
Have fun

How to mount the 69 controller to the grow tent i tried a few with velco and the the falls down. Any ideas?
Something like this

Are you using a 69 pro I read a lot of different threads and set up recommendations I am currently running at
Off- fan speed 1
On max- fan speed 5
Auto- 78°f
Buffer- 2°f
I have a 4x2 tent running one of two mars hydro ts1000 18/6 it’s winter floors are always cold also have full tent floor heat mat set to turn on at 69°f and occasionally turn on second ts1000 for a few more degrees of heat

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My 67 and 69 “Buffer” is set at +1 for the purtpose of ramping fan setting vice full ON, when triggered).

Temp trigger chosen (example) 70-degrees. The Cloudline 67 will move (start ramping) from 69.5 degrees and set on AUTO temp @70 trigger Auto is 1 when (Off=1) . At 69.6 and above, until 70.5, speed will become advanced one speed, etc, repeating to max ON speed setting.
Cloudline 69P similar but 70 is 70 start ramp.
Good growing to you.

1x6x6 board mounted.

Replaced top 67 with 69P, not pictured.
Board secured.
Controllers mounted using rear screw hole receivers.
Controllers additionally secured using secondary safety tie to post (middle right controller pinks)

WHY? what does it do for the trigger and speed changing? FULL ON? vice ramp?
My memory is slow, pleas tell me why .
VPD, yes -2 up to -5 for cold tents. VPD + for cooking leaves, IME
Summer heat troubles.
Winter cold troubles,
I can conquer both. More $$ or less growing.