Closet Transformation DIY

Good morning peeps!

I am thinking to transform a closet to a grow space.

The closet is 1.7 ft width × 8.5 ft length × 5.75 ft height. Pic below. The height can be extended to 6.9 ft if needed.

I want to know from your experience:

  1. If I can divide it in Veg (1/3) and Bloom (2/3) space. How many plants can I grow.

  2. I am considering to assemble my own LED lights for Veg and Bloom. I need a lot of info for this step; LED Strips, Boards, ACs, Spectrum, Watts…

  3. I have an exhaust fan 4", 1200 rpm, 88 cfm. Will be sufficient for the Bloom side without a carbon filter? Do I need one for the Veg side?

  4. Other main accessories.

Thanks again for your help @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410


Did someone say a closet grow lol that’s what I do( 2.75x 3.5ft) I recently changed out the small upper exhaust fan for a proper infinity cloudline s6 with 25 ft exhaust ducting into a carbon filter and Monday I’m going to change out my inner lights for a hlg 260 xlr


So you’re essentially running a 2 by 3 and and a 2 by 6 side by side so maybe barely enough room for 3 photos (maybe 4 or 5 autos) with lst topping and maybe a scrog make sure the divide is lighttight but I bet you could run the exhaust through both rooms as long as the fan is outside and you could cut slits of the pipe running through the room to pick up both air the hard part is the intake air I suppose you could passively intake as long as you’re pumping far enough away and have a crack in the doors

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I am planning to install 2 of these zipable doors/curtains. So no problem to make holes for intake air.


Depends on how large of plants you want. You are talking about roughly 20"x36" space for veg and 20"x66" space to flower. You could fit a lot of small plants in those, or flower 2-3 larger plants. You need to look at veg time vs flower time for turnaround and come up with a plan that will work for your needs.

I can help with this. Need to know exactly what size spaces you’re working with first though.

Seems awfully small. I would maybe consider that one for the veg space and get larger fan and filter for flower space. Will ultimately come down to having properly sized intakes and what temp the intake air is.


Seems a good idea for a beginner.

I will get use to it by experimenting.

Seems reasonable. I will manage to get a 6" fan for the flower space right?

The big concern are the lights!

Exact size spaces:

Veg 20.5" × 43.3"
Flower 20.5 × 59"

Is 69" sufficient for the height or would you consider the extendable one of 82.8"?

Can you give me a first list of what I need? Thanks a lot!

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Sorry correcting myself.

Exact size spaces:

Veg 20.5" × 35"
Flower 20.5 × 67"

Do you have access to bridgelux eb strips? Digikey sells them.

I don’t think so. I am that guy who lives in a poor country lol.

But if you give me the specs I can find some similar lights.

For example I can found several models of these, I don’t know if they do the job


Or these

There is usually pretty large difference in performance from those to the leds i typically work with. So I’m not exactly sure how much of either of those you would need.

I understand you! Let us do this: give me please the specs of the LEDs that you use or the Model of bridgelux (watts per light and spectrum) suitable for my case. I will see what the market offers here in terms of similarity and I will be back to you. Deal?

I can do that, but the lights I’m going to spec run about 200 lumens per watt. I don’t think it’s very likely you will find anything similar on a peel and stick 3m strip.

I would say on your veg 90-100 watts of eb gen3 in 5000k would be more than enough. For your flower space, 300-350 watts of same stuff in 3000k-3500k.


Got it! I will search for small strips that should be assembled together. I was reading your journal on DIY lights. Thanks.


Hello again @dbrn32 ! What do you think about Samsung LM301B and LM301H? Can chinese shippers be trusted?

Ive heard they are pretty much exactly the same diodes h might be the slightest bit more efficient but that’s it I was considering getting a meiju but I have to be secret so I just went with hlg

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301b and 301h are the same. Some of the low cost Chinese suppliers have a great reputation, others have been caught using counterfeit leds.

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Would you consider the HPS option? Then to upgrade to LED in future?

Hps is good if you can deal with the heat. Cmh may be worth looking at too

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Thanks for following! Yes I was thinking about the heat problem. I will do a confront with the two options stated based on my budget.

If I consider the CMH option; which bulbs, in terms of W and Lum, I need for the veg and flower spaces?

Veg 20.5" × 35"
Flower 20.5 × 67