Cloning vs new seeds

I am trying to clone plants. Maybe it will work, maybe not, not too worried if it doesn’t-it’s not like I don’t know where to get more great seeds…

Since this was my first grow, the plants have been subjected to the vast majority of noob mistakes (over ph, under ph, light burn, nut burn etc…) but they are looking large, bushy, healthy and ready for cloning/flowering.

Since the clones will take on the properties of the mother, are they going to have reduced thc potential from the damage done to the mother? ie, after a couple clone grows and I get skilled enough to have minimal problems, should I get new seeds, or will the clones maintain the high quality/recover from my ignorance?

How many clone runs should you do before getting new seeds?

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Technically you could keep a mother plant and keep getting clones from her if you wanted to for as long as you wanted to

I know, but mistakes you make will reduce the thc content. Will clones recover from those mistakes, or should new seeds be bought periodically to keep the quality up?

I’m not sure simply because I was told by someone I know who has been growing for close to 40 years that some stress is good for the plant and can help reach the max the of the plant. So I stress mine pretty good

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I’m not absolutely sure @Skavies but think most likely they will keep mothers gene’s minus the nurture or lack thereof put on her. they will have her genes from planting not from what you did to her. That is but a logical guess though and logic doesn’t always work with nature. I’m sure one of the guys who actually has done clones will be along to give you the proper answer. Good luck on finishing your plants and clones! @MattyBear @garrigan62 @dbrn32

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A clone is a cutting from a mature cannabis plant which can be replanted and raised to produce buds. It might seem simple to raise a plant from a clone that has already partially developed, but it can actually be much more difficult than growing a seed from scratch. For one thing, all plants are highly susceptible to diseases such as fungus or infestation by bugs. A clone is the exact genetic image of the mother plant it came from, so if the mother had any health issues, the cutting will also suffer. As a first time grower, you may not have the experience or know-how to deal with these problems, and the plant may die.

Indoor hydroponic grow, bugs are not a major concern. I’m wondering if clones will recover over time from noob mistakes, not from root rot or actual health problems.

You should be ok with clones once you get your noob mistakes sorted out its no different than raising a mature plant

@monkman & @Skavies @Josh1126

There is a fine line when it comes to stressing your plant. One thing is, is that you know what your stressing her for because there are different methods of stressing for what your looking for. And another thing is how offen and how much of it also because if it’s to much you could wind up with a hermie and you sure don’t want that. I have more info. on this subjest and will post it after the race


And, if you are taking clones from your own plant it might pay to take them after flower transition so you can “monster crop” them. They are far and away more vigorous than clones taken from a vegging mother plant. I always try to take them at that point as they are sometimes more vigorous than the mother.


If you burned some leaves on mom doesn’t mean clone is going to spit out burned leaves. That’s not a genetic issue. A disease or genetic issue will be passed along, but it’s silly to assume your plant has a disease without any indication of such.


Taking clone after clone from a mother plant can be never ending.

Taking clones from a cloned plant can reduce quality over time.

If you can maintain a strong healthy mother, your cloning days will be good ones.

Until you want to try new strains and want more seeds. Variety is the spice of life.

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That is most likely what I was trying to ask.

I planed on growing these seeds, cloning right when I change them to flowering, letting the clones grow while the mothers veg. then at harvest time, put the clones where the mothers were, clone off them, and repeat the cycle so I’ve almost always got plants flowering…

Probably cheaper or at least easier to simply buy seeds in bulk and run one set of clones off the mothers and call it close enough.

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Does this mean put them in veg for a week or two until I see signs of it starting to flower, then cloning? The clones at that point, should they be kept on the 12/12 light, or should they be put back in veg 18/6?

looking up monster cropping now, may not need to respond to this…

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I’ve tried cloning twice. The first didn’t make it, i didn’t cut at the correct angle I believe. As well the two clones were toppings from manifolding plants. If this new one takes, and seems to be after 4 days or so. Its like a reverse mother plant. If this clone takes, i will try another manifold, and try to continue cloning the tops i take. If it doesn’t take, I’ll just plant new seeds. Its mostly a can I do it thing.

Whatever works for you mate

You can actually flower the mother plant, take cuttings, then reveg for a perpetual grow. Once you see preflowers form with the first pistils is about ideal for your clones.

Treat clones like seedlings with 24/0 under a dome. The light helps to maintain biological activity (moisture movement) and stimulates root development. Once rooted (12 to 15 days) you go to your veg schedule. 16/8 is my preferred day/night but you can use whatever you like. Grow until they are the size you want and flip.


thank you


I’m on generation 4 of clones and there has been no degregation of quality at all. There are conflicting opinions on the amount of cloning from clones. Some say there is a limit, some do it for years. Most commecial grows clone continuously.


When I say repeat cloning “can reduce quality over time” does not mean it will. Your clone is a descendant from its mother which means it carrys her “DNA”.

So to maintain quality you will have to make sure you have a strong healthy mother. From there, every clone needs to come from a strong healthy mother thereafter.

If you jeapodise the ancestral path by having a unhealthy mother along the way your future clones will potentially carry less quality DNA moving forward.

So IMO you need to maintain a very healthy line of mothers at every grow. One shite grow I would consider starting a fresh healthy mother.

That’s my opinion