Cloning one of my girls next year

Hello I have a newbie question on cloning , Im growing outdoors now and wondering after season is over can I save a clone of one of my girls and keep her till next season with limited room ?


Should be able to put a clone or 4 back into veg on a 18 6 light schedule like a mother plant and keep it rill next year in a small tent or closet . People keep mother plants going for a couple years sometimes


If you have the space, you might take a clone while it’s in veg—just before you flip to 12/12. The cutting roots and survives more easily IMO.

This is assuming feminized not auto.


I agree with both @Oldstoner and @Myfriendis410
You’ll need some lights as well. It yes you can if you have the proper equipment to keep her / them indoors For the winter :+1::cowboy_hat_face::v:CB


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For sure you can.

Personally, I’d take couple clones. Even experienced growers are not always 100% successful with clones. After she roots good, you can kind of tinker with her growth rate by the amount and type of light you give her. Cold white/blue will keep her from stretching, and a decently powered cfl or 2 should be plenty of light for her to remain healthy without getting too big.