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First I just read you are not delivering to Australia, is this correct? I have had no issues in the past.
Next is my desire to try to clone some of my own. But I am unsure of when to cut for cloning? Before flowering/during?
If before, I am getting flowers 5-6 weeks. Are there ant tips on how to select small flowerless branches?
I try to select strongest plants in 2 unsuccessful efforts so far.
Any advice greatly appreciated.

Mature plant just before flipping to flower will give you good clones. Two weeks after first pistils in flower if you take cuttings then, you get a ‘Monster-cropped clone’ which is often more vigorous than the parent plant. They are a little harder to start than before flower but not enough to be worried.

I look for side branches that are lower in the canopy and destined to not produce much. At least 4" long. Cut with a 45 degree bias and with a clean sharp edge, scrape stem up about an inch then insert into whatever medium you intend to use (rock wool, coco etc) and keep under a dome with 24/0 light. You can also remove about a third of each leaf to reduce capillary action. In 10 days you have plants.


Just to add - when I failed at cloning it was due to inadequate ph balanced humidity/moisture. Remember - they have no roots so they need to take water in through humidity.

Thanks again, light watering, how often do you suggest?

Even better - get a fine mister and mist them and the dome with PH balanced water. Critical - ph-balanced water. Good luck!!

@mogo51 They no longer ship to Australia. Another awesome Seed Bank is Attitude Seeds. I don’t know if they ship to Australia or not.

Thank you, could not get thru to them.

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Sticky seeds uk does and so does attitude seeds and so does gorilla seed bank

Atleast. Lol. I did one to try for shats and giggles that was like 2 inches long. It worked she got roots but only had a quarter inch of stem sticking out of collar lol. All else is not bad. If it using a cloner my suggestion would be get the clonex solution ro or distilled water with clonex solution only and. I get roots in usually 3 to 5 days good luck bud.

A great reference is here:


For cloning I like to grow the new roots before I cut it from the mother.

Air layering: Scrape stem, apply rooting gel, place split root riot or rockwool cube over stem and wrap with plastic and ties/tape. A bit of a pain wrapping and tying so likely not the best method for those taking a lot of cuts, but I normally only do 1 or 2 at a time for my needs.

No misting, cloners or any of that, it still has mama’s roots, just check that the cube doesn’t dry out and in a week or two roots grow and you cut your rooted clone free and pot. Have to start with a bit bigger branch than you’d normally take for cuttings and sometimes splint/prop them up or the cube weighs them down. Can be done with moss also, or I suppose any grow media you can get wrapped around the stem and keep moist.

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I’ve never done this but is a good idea. There is a manufacturer that makes a little clamshell plastic doohickey that is designed for this purpose IIRC.

Never saw those doohickeys before . . . would simplify the process quite a bit. Thanks for pointing them out . . . and giving me the idea to print some to fit my cubes.

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I think the clamshell dohickey thingy was designed for grafting, so that may help in your search.

Things are all over the internet . . . air layering kits/cubes/pods . . . found all sorts of them, once someone provided me with the idea to look past the kitchen drawer for a plastic bag.


When I was defoliating my WW Photo’s, I cut off a fan leaf and immediately pushed the stem into the Miracle Grow media in the bucket. It wilted a bit, maybe for about 1 day. Two weeks ago I transplanted it to its own 3 gallon bucket. It is doing fine. With winter coming I am going to have move it indoors. I have never grown indoors either. My LED grow light just got delivered this morning. A new chapter. Will keep you informed. Thanks again, Love this forum it really helps.

It might be educational for the other members if you chose to document using these. I’ve thought about it over time but always forget when it’s time to take cuttings.

Will do. I just wrapped one in plastic a couple days ago and plan to look into ordering some of the clamshells this week. I’ll keep the camera handy when I wrap the next one.

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If you care to read my cloning boondoggle…

It’s not technical or loaded with notes, but may be worth a laugh.

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Very interesting, thank you. I will grow in seeds pods. Just add tank water, swells up, has a clear regulated lid. NOT too hot obviously.