Clones rooting in water

So i took these cuttings maybe 4 or 5 days ago, i have been misting them, used rooting powder on them. Water was phd to 6.5 They apppear healthy and havent drooped or anything. They are under two ferry? Grow lights t5s When should i see roots?


It can take 10 days to maybe 2 weeks to see roots appear.

Surprising. All of the clones I’ve done have experienced significant drooping before they perked back up. Hopefully you have some very strong clones there.

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Yeah im wondering if the rh of the room is a contributing factor. Im flowering now so it stays around 40 and temp is like low 60s usually

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Clones should be getting high humidity. I grow mine in a tall seedling tray with a cover so I can keep the humidity around 80%.


Mist the leaves daily Growmie, no harm doing that under the T5 fluorescent lighting :love_you_gesture:


I mist a couple times a day and leave the plastic wrap on


That’ll work Growmie, I usually start seeing roots around the 7-10 day mark. It helps if each main stem is getting plenty of the oxygen bubbles from the air stones.


Yea i might have to add a stone or 2

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