Clone transport

Anybody have opinions on best and safest (for the plant) way to transport clones many hours away?
I’ve seen clone shippers didn’t want to buy any so I made some homemade they should work good on that aspect, my main worries are keeping the environment okay or if it really matters 5 hour drive think they will be alright in box or a cooler something like that? I’m sure they would survive but trying to keep them as healthy as possible for a buddy

For rooted clones, I wrap wet paper towel around the roots then wrap saran wrap over the paper towel and tape it off then into plastic soda bottles, use to mail them this way with great success.


Thanks man so a few hours of climate change shouldn’t effect them to much? Won’t get freezing or anything but will be around 55-60 tomorrow . Thanks I’ve made my own shippers basically the same way you’ve stated so should be good then


A few hours will be nothing and cool is better than hot so should be fine.


Seems like a neat method, should be plenty good.

may sound dumb but how do you get them into soda bottles? I’m also planing a trip to retrive some a few hours away. probably will have to preheat the car before getting them as next week the temps are taking a dive. Thanks

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Guessing cut the bottle & tape it up again?

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Yeah basically I just used 2 solo cups and a plug made out of styrofoam to hold clone in tight worked great taped it together

Yep, cut and tape up.