Clone questions

Ok I asked this question in my journal but I cant load any pictures but I can out here in the forum.
So I am sorry for the rerun and not keeping it there…
I have a clone question and progress pictures.

I am growing ILGM BBA, GGA and…
What I believe is the best tasting, smoking, smelling, looking sativa I have ever smoked …so far!!
G6 aka Jet Fuel.
(Mag Landrace is my Indica fav).
Here are some G6.

I was lucky enough to get a seed in a bud and it sprouted.
I remember growing up getting seeds in my smoke n bitchin … Now Im wishin, Lol.

I took 2 clones in probably 2nd week of bloom ( ya the hard way) but they made it. I will also take anything I can from her when I harvest to clone … I got to try
I know I should have kept her for a mother but …I didnt.

I plan to mother the best one and clone till I cant clone any more, (beat the dead horse) and bloom the other one.
I know mothering a clone is not the best but till I find another seed that is what I will do.
Then mother another clone??? If that works… ???
Ok my question for this is,
My clones are in 1 gall fab pots I will put the mother in a 7 gallon bag with 1/2 FFOF n Happy Frog and 5 gal for the flowered clone. How long can I leave clones in 1 gal bags?
I have 3 to 4 more weeks till I start harvesting giving me room in my veg area for bigger pots as I will move the next out.
1st two #1


How long do you think I can use the mother?
Should I mother both?

Same question for seedlings in a 1 gal ?
Is a 1 gal for veging 7 wk to long till putting them in 5 gal for bloom? I planned on replanting and putting them in to bloom area. I have seen them in solo cups pretty big.
I would put seedling straight in 5 gal but it would have be a tight fit in the veg area.

Wow lotta ?s

Again sorry for not keepin this in my journal.

As always Thank You for Your time

I normally get my babies into 5 gal pots as soon as I can because they get awkward and difficult to handle as they get bigger. Keep your eye on number 1 as I’m seeing signs of nute burn and potential lockout starting on you’re leaf tips. Might just be the light but your leafs look like they have dark green veins with really light green edges. That’s a sure sign of nutrients not getting to where they need to be. Looks like they are starting to claw as well. Need to check your PH on that one. I think it’s going to be real low :face_with_monocle:


Thank you for the input,
I read I have been PH my feeding water to low 6.0 to 6.2 the middle of 5.6 to 6.8 on the FF feeding schedule for soil and I read 6.5 is my spot so I have corrected that. (I had some purple/redish orange spots on my GGA leaves and did some reading and think that is a problem if not the problem).

I have never really done a run off, 1 time on my G6, some ran out and I tested it (I guess I should?) . I water about every 2/3 days when it is dry.
I probably run on the dry side I try not to give to much water.

All the tips were yellow a couple days ago and that has had me worried but that has been disappearing.
The clones have had no nutes since cutting (in bud cycle on may 8th), that would have been wk 5 or 6 of the feeding schedule, should I start feeding nutes? Start week 2 or 3?
I have only mixed my nutes at half strength since I started feeding my plants.
FF dirty dozen no Flowers Kiss, I dont spray my plants, I did the clones with water at first but as a rule I dont.
When I water I feed nutes ,then water on next feeding, then the next wk nutes, then water ect. (2 watering of nutes 1/2 strenght then just water then nutes ect.)
I will transplant when my 7 gal bags get here, my plan was to cut the bottom off then slit the side of the 1 gal try and keep it as non stressful as I can.

I am running scared to the finish line, Lol on this G6. Not wanting to over water, over nute, keeping the family tree going ect.
Like what a new father might go through … ?? I will have a ulcer by harvest, LOL.

Thank You for your time and help.

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Ph of 6.5 is good. I always test my runoff and feed when my PPM drops to around 700. I get paranoid when it comes to ph so I test constantly. As for the ulcer I usually run screaming for the finish line as well :rofl::rofl:

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If #'s 1 &2 are recent clones, the yellowing and ugly leaves are typical for newly establishing clones.

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Thank You for the input

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