Clone questions, when and how

How soon can you start taking clones? Do they have to be over 2 months of age. Also do they have to be a certain lenght or a certain amount of nodes?

Where do you cut them? Is it betweeen nodes or just above a node?

Lastly, can you take a clone from the top/main branch or just from the lower side branches?

From what i have seen others do:
Healthy moma plant
some take from towards bottom, cuz they don’t get much light anyway.
Have to have medium to grow on and a root gel.
Should have at least 2 to nodes.
Hey there @Newt @BigItch @beardless

I generally take them right before the flip. I take lower stuff I would throw away anyway. Sometimes I’ll take in flower if I notice something that I admire. I personally would never take a top because there’s no valid reason to. I don’t know how you plan to clone… I don’t do anything but clip, drop in soil in a clear solo cup covered by one of color and a sandwich bag on top tucked between the cup. Fairly easy process made over complicated by some.
And yes @beachglass they have to be a decent size.


I clone everything I grow. You never know when you will find that one, that you want to smoke again. :grin:

I usually root a topping if I take one, otherwise I take a lower that I would be pruning anyway.

And number of nodes doesn’t make much difference. I shoot for 2 to 3 inches because gravity doesn’t hurt too much…

Rather than retype, here’s a link to a previous question.


@Silverfd I followed @Newt ’s process and have a nice MAC clone growing outside and was able to gift a few others.


[quote=“BigItch, post:3, topic:88026, full:true”]. I personally would never take a top because there’s no valid reason to.

I want to keep her as short as possible. My current tent is 3x3 5 feet high. I can’t really afford to have them grow a lot taller. I just noticed tonight that i have some light burn on two of my plants so i gotta raise the lights or turn them down (i did both).

I would consider doing some super cropping. There are tons of videos on it. It will help you lose some height. If your not in flower sure top them and clone but you’ll need time to recover before the flip.

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I never plan on flipping these mothers so I have a ton of time to let them recover. I want to some what experiment with the clones such as sog vs scrog vs different types of cropping to see for myself what is the best and what doesn’t work. Im just a newbie and I love learning about all this stuff.

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Ah I didn’t realize you were talking about a mother plant. We’ll have at it and take from anywhere you want. Experiment with different cloning techniques and growing and find what works best for you.
Good luck.

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I keep mothers. If I can be of any assistance, just let me know.

Meet the Mothers of Invention - the GSC clone back right will be 1 year old on 7/17.:


Do they need to be a certain age to clone? My mothers are a little over 1 month old. I havent done any training yet it looks pretty flat.

How many clones can i take at a time off a mother plant?

No age requirements. However, the clones will be at the same sexual maturity level as the donor plant. I can easily get 15-20 clones from any of my mothers, by just letting them grow out enough to take that many cuttings. Here they are right before I took 6 cuttings last time:

And those 6 cuttings right after I did:

Yup yup. I am going to take a few clones next grow. Yours look great. A year? What do you do with her now.

These are the most recent cuttings from that mother. Currently in my flower tent:

I’ve also provided some cuttings to friends that are growing them. Think of a clone mother as an endless seed supply. (Of a pheno, at least)

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I cut a few off my Acapulco to give to a friend for growing outside . Haven’t heard anything yet. But. I cut where you said a while back. We shall see. I want to see how Malawi comes out. she may be a good mom. Maybe after this gold leaf fertilizer test.
You are a busy guy. Thank you again

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Mothers really aren’t a lot of work. Since the idea is just to keep them growing, not a lot of light, or nutrients. Mine sometimes get neglected until they wilt. :slight_smile:

Biggest amount of work, is trimming them every couple of weeks to keep them small.


I grow my mothers huge in a 20gal. Keep them a couple gens then replace. When i choose another i flower the monster. My mothers typically fill a 3x3 wall to wall when i finish them off.


:point_up_2: same for me @Silverfd


When you trim them, how do you know how much you can prune so the mother does not die?

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You can also clone a plant in flower it’s called monster cropping just tried it for my outdoor grow this year

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