Clone from a topping?

i topped my strongest plant and am trying to get the very small cutting to root. it has practically no stem, just the new leaves. is it possible to root it?

Anything is possible! Be vigilante in your efforts and I’m sure you can get it rooted.



Add azos you can almost root a cinder block with azos


Have you ever used a product called Root Tone? My sister gave me some in a baggie. I thought it would be wet or a gel. Its a powder. I have never cloned and not so sure if I want to use this on my different strains. She successfully took a cutting from a bottle brush tree and its doing well. There was no instructions, she said cut on a 45 degree angle put it in water for 24 hours roll and dip the cutting and place it in soil. I’m wondering if its to be placed in a dry or damp soil and how long would it take to root. Lowes had NOTHING on the shelves when I was there yesterday for cloneing.

Never used root tone personally, but I can tell you that her directions sound pretty good to me!

You’ll want to play them into damp soil once you dip the cut stem into the root tone. If she has success I don’t see why you can’t!


I am kind of worried, the time it takes to grow a plant as to where you can start to take cuttings. Roberts guide states maybe 1 in 10 will root. Maybe I read it wrong. He stated one can get 50 clones from a healthy mother plant. That’s a lot of cuttings if you have a spectacular female to be hacking on. Appreciate you getting with me on this. Should I use big healthy fan leaves or the y branches with new shoots in the centers? Or both.

NEVER try to clone a leaf, it won’t work, and even it it does, it’s not worth the time!

You’ll want to cut the new growth that is growing from the leaf and stalk meeting point. This is the best part of plants to clone.



Affirmative. I will start on the lowest branches of some of the other plants. I have a very rare 3 leafed Afghan female. Almost a foot tall, outdoor grow Florida. I want to keep this girl on going. When I get on the forum to post pics there is no upload link at the bottom right corner. Only on top in the text box. I want to show this girl off, along with some purple kush. The text box is at the bottom of my screen with the reply button but nothing for me in the right hand corner. I was frustrated for a couple hours. Trying to do something and it doesn’t go right, sends me nucking futz. The upload link in the text box is not transferring pics. I really don’t care for windows 10. Xp professional I can handle.


Actually it is true i just started growing a plant its about ttwo and a half feet tall and i saw a video on topping. So i did that to my plant had a grip of new branches plus now i just started cutting clones

I use clonex on my clones. Here’s a picture of the clones as of last night. You can see I won’t be waiting long to put these into something.

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I want to clone my GG but haven’t had luck the few times I tried on other plant? I don’t think it’s big enough now. i believe you can top and clone it and tell the sex.Uploading…