Cleaning bong and making bubble hash

So what are people using to clean their bongs. I have one that has the filters in it. So I used use a little bit of kosher salt and iso alcohol and shake clean with my old bong.

How important is it that the material is frozen? Freezer is not working in my house so I can’t freeze at moment.

I use hot water to get all oil out. Are you planning to use bong water again? Sorry dont understand the question.

No not going to use used bong water. What do you use to clean bong?

If its glass use kettle water if its plastic use works well

Used bong water is horrible. One day in the dark picked up bong instead of juice and was sick.


Thanks. I imagine it would be.

I get it - 2 questions. I just use alcohol to clean my bong, but the salt is a good idea for ‘scrubbing’

I don’t know about the freezer part for bubble hash. You’re gonna need ice though, so I would get extra, and put your trim in baggies in a cooler with some ice to give it the best shot. It is supposed to freeze the glands so they break off easier.


Yeah sorry for confusion on double questions but yeah thanks great idea putting trim in with ice before to get it really cold. I have only made it once and the trim was frozen when I started.

As for cleaning bong didn’t know if there was something better. Like mineral spirits maybe?

I would stick with alcohol. Good enough for hospitals, good enough for me.

Make sure the stuff is in baggies, or your bubble hash will be in the bottom of the cooler.


I use iso alcohol and think it works great

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Cool I guess stick to tired and true technique. Thanks!!