Chocolope, Big Bud, Amnesia Haze mix pack

In May of '21 I gave myself a 70th birthday present of the mix pack of 30 seeds. All in all, I give them a 4 out of 5 stars. A few of the seeds didn’t make it but I made some clones that made up for it.
I have to wonder what percentage of your clients are like me that only grow up to 8 plants at a time. How about some “Specials” of buy 4 get 4 free?


Many of us grow 10 plants or less at a time and we like to grow more then one strain so we never grow them all :confused:

This is what happens, we end up with more seeds then we will ever grow and we look for other sites that sale smaller packs :wink:
We customers have been saying this for years, some listen some don’t :confused:


Or you could just trade seeds so you have a wider variety


I have 35 strains and have only grown 1 or 2 of about 15. ILGM does 5 for 5 on some every now and again


I grew seed for learning and trading.
Actually trading or giving to learners.


Thats me, I grow a few out of each pack and on to the next strain :sweat_smile:

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