Chloroplasts Going On Strike? Help!

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My ILGM White Widow fems are 33 days old, 19 days in veg. They haven’t had any nutrients yet, and have been in Fox Farm Ocean Forest (in 3-gallon SmartPots) for the last 19 days. (Even today they show slight signs of nutrient burn on the tips of the leaves of the new growth, but that’s not my concern here, since I haven’t been feeding them yet.)

Anyway, this morning, I noticed small spots where it looks like the green was sucked out of my leaves, and buy this evening it was worse and one set of leaves had shriveled a bit. Does anyone have any idea what’s going on here?

Cal mag? @garrigan62

It’s def suffering from deficiencies and in need of food! Cut the damaged leaves off and feed half strength nutes. Can you add a pic of the whole plant? And how big is it? How many nodes how tall?

@Humanclone here’s a group shot.

Have you checked for pest damage underneath? @WonkaMan

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Thanks @Covertgrower and @Humanclone. For clarity’s sake, here is a group shot from this morning. It is the plant in the left-rear, and the right-front that are affected. Yes, I’m thinking now that maybe this isn’t about deficiency, but about the little no-see-um bugs in the tent. What do I check under the leaves for pest damage? (My DE is supposed to arrive from Amazon today, and I’ll apply that ASAP when it arrives.). Do I need to trim the damaged leaves?

Look good on the underside of the leaves as well get some neem oil or other organic pesticides

@WonkaMan I would cut off damaged leaves but its not necessary. How old are your plants?

Plants are 34 days old… 20 days in veg.

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The underside of leaves actually look fine; better than the tops. I’ll get some Neem oil, but won’t be able to get to a store until mid-week. (It’s a crazy week at work.)… unless I can get there tomorrow. Thanks for the input @Sirsmokes!

@WonkaMan yeah I have those little sand flies in my grow area also, they eat at the fan leaves putting holes in them that’s partially why I defoliated

you can see the sticky fly traps hanging down and you should have your fan on continuously to keep them off your plants although I don’t have fan on at the moment but it helps. Mine were germinated beginning of June and I’ve top once so far

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You plants look great!

I fimmed my taller plan (right-rear) last weekend, and topped the other three today.

I don’t have fly-tape, but use a fruit-fly jug with cider vinegar inside to attract and trap the critters, hopefully. I just put it in the tent today. We’ll see.

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Yeah I accidentally fimmed the rear left plant but it still only had two tops. I’m going to top once more and then transplant and get ready to do the flip and pull the branches downwards for a few weeks then release them

How’s the plants? Add a pic and so will I. Have you had much growth?

Not too much change in the last couple of days. I did dilute some DE in water and spray the plants on Sunday morning. I had a feeling this morning that they were getting dry, but hoped that they could make it until tomorrow. By this evening they were clearly in need of a watering, however, and though I prefer not to water them in the evening, I didn’t want to stress them out too too much by getting all parched, so I went ahead and watered them. I did clear out plenty of small dead bugs though. And even better, I didn’t see any live ones.

I trimmed the damaged leaves. So I’ll take a photo in a day or so and post. Hopefully, the storm has now abated, thanks to you all. I’ll definitely post an update, though.

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Recovery Ward:

There hasn’t been any sign of live bugs for a couple of days now. The DE. seemed to do the trick as far as that was concerned. I’ve since watered, and misted the leaves with water, but there is still a fair amount of DE on the foliage. Not sure how or when that is going to come off.

I’ve trimmed the damaged leaves so that I can keep track of any new damage. Hopefully I’m done with it for now! Thanks for the assistance, everyone!

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