Spots on auto leaves?


These White Widow auto fem plants are now 4 weeks old. They look healthy except some spots on the lower leaves. Is this a problem or just the oldest leaves dying?

They are in 3 gal fabric pots with coco and vermiculite. All water and nuets go in at 5.8 ph. I am using Bregman’s grow fertilizer at this point with cal mag added. The lights are on 18/6 and the light is a full spectrum LED 600W that has worked fine in the past. The temp runs about 75 with the light off and around 78 when the light is on.

Any input would be appreciated.

You want to keep water off the leaves as the drops will act as a magnifying glass and it will burn the leaves. I don’t know if that is all your problem but you can clearly see water drops on the leaves in the first photo.

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What @MrPeat said

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Yes I just watered. Usually shake off the leaves. The spots are the small brown spots.

You still don’t want water on the leaves. Water drops + lights = brown spots is one thing that could be wrong.

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That just may be it. I’ll bet you are correct.

Any problem with removing a few of the lowest leaves to give me room to get water and nuets into the dirt?


You can remove a few leaves off the bottom. This will give you better clearance between the soil and where the first leaves will start from above.

Best thing I do is water on the side carefully. Once the plants are really big the bottom leaves are worthless since your main flowers will be above the middle up to the top.

I’ll bet it’s the water on leaves too. Also, I wouldn’t remove leaves at this point. Just water around.