Check out my humidifier

Hey everyone,

Wanted to update you all on what I’ve been up to.

I was a little worried about my humidity being too low for such little plants, so I put a humidifier that I had around the house in there.

The capacity was a bit low and it required refills too often, so I bought a top-fill humidifier instead.

I’ve gotta say the little babies are looking much happier! Here’s some shots:

The setup:

New growth:

Here’s what things looked like while I was fiddling with the humidity. Seems like it’s paying off though, the plants really seem like they’re taking off.

I’m getting some new fans (to get rid of the box fan) and a couple of inkbirds to really get things nice and tropical in there for my babies.

I guess I should top them once they’re all looking happy? Any tips?


Looks like you’re off to a great start ,9 plants You’re going to be busy.

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I wouldn’t top them yet. I’d let them get established in the solo cups, and whenever you repot them then you can top and train the canopy


These are 2 gallon buckets, not solo cups. I’ll let them hang out a bit. How can I tell when they are established?

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My bad, I just glanced and assumed. Once you let get a little further ahead. Maybe a week or so

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My bad! I meant to post this as an update on my grow journal :sweat_smile: Click on the link below to check on more updates:

Thank you all for your tips and I’m looking forward to learning & growing together more!

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You won’t regret buying the inkbird controllers. They’re fantastic, love mine

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