CFL Autoflower marijuana plants harvest

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m running about 1500 watts of CFL and using 10 Autoflowering plants, what yields can I expect?

Your most accurate estimate would probably be from using the area in your calculations. What is the square footage or square meter of the canopy’s area? I would estimate low, since you are using cfls and not HID, for what ever the average expected yield would be for your auto strain per area.

Would it not be correct to assume that auto-flowers would vary in yield from strain to strain? I think so. :slight_smile: Best to wait and see. We would appreciate it, if when you harvest, inform us of the strain and yield, and we can use it as re: in the future. Peace

OH yeah. Nice setup. We have another participant using cfl, and fluoro getting some nice results. Not with auto-flower, but with cfl.