Beginner questions

Question from a fellow grower:

right now all I have is a 2.5/2/5 foot grow cabinet and was wondering
what you think the best kind of light would be to get the best yield
until I can get a proper tent? And once I get my other seeds I think
some auto’s would be perfect for that closet and would order some from
you guys after I get my others and was wondering what’s the best
yielding autoflower that a beginner could do easy enough, because for my
closet a couple auto’s at a time would be my best bet and help me
upgrade to better equipment, any advice I always appreciate

CFL lighting 100 watt bulbs use at least 3-4 bulbs

I would go with CFLs 2 bulbs per plant!

I flowered several WW autos with only CFLs and had about 1:2-1 per plant

CFL’s can give one great yields " I agree with you - Happy cultivation