CBD Auto heights

Do CBD strains, especially Autos, grow pretty short and dense? This is my 2nd grow, 1 CBD Charlotte’s Angel Auto (Dutch Passion) in FFOF, and a Dinamed CBD Auto (Dinafem) in DWC. Both are about 60 days now. The DWC Auto was quadlined after the 4 node, and the Charlottes topped after the 5th (started flowering almost immediately after). Both plants are about 6" tall and super super dense. Bud sites growing into each other, no real stems growing.

By comparison I have a DWC Critical + Auto CBD (Dinafem) growing next to it, also quadlined, but a good 16" inches. This has 5% THC, the others very minimal, <1%. I have an auto that didn’t auto and only started budding after changing it to 12/12. After 100 days, it still wasn’t budding. After switching to 12/12 it started budding 4 days later. This one is 36" tall but not a true auto it seems.

I have a couple more Auto CBD seeds I want to grow for the next run, but am not liking how short and dense they are. Will giving them less light as seedlings stretch them? Or do CBD dominant strains (minimal THC) grow short and stocky. I’m thinking maybe also having to stay away from any HST as well. Thoughts?