Cause of rusty colored leaves

What might cause a light rusty color on leaves?

Pics or it didn’t happen. :slight_smile:

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Your ladies look nice and healthy. Where do you see a problem?


Maybe bad eyes from along day at the office?? First grow in probably 40 years, they look ok at 7 weeks tomorrow??

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Yeah what ever your doing keep at nice job

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I don’t see nothing wrong with the plants. Looks like plenty of new growth as well.

Should I heavy trim the fan leaves?? Cut them out three times already.

@HootAl You will need to remove more once she is Vegging. I hate trimming but if its blocking where a good flower will start, then remove.

I would hold off a little longer if you can. This will allow you to train a little easier as the branches and what not will get bigger.

Trimming does 2 things. One…allows for proper air flow. Two…trimming so the lights can hit the main top with better light intensity and thus will penetrate light down farther.

Lastly you can chop different parts of the plant when its ready. This will allow the rest to mature and help increase your overhaul. :+1::+1::+1:

Thanks for the feedback. Maybe a good snipping this weekend. I’ll confer with the keeper of the crop in pic.