Casino payed for my lights!

ok so i have to brag…me and my wife each took $100 bucks to the casino tonight and i won $600 playing texas hold em. As soon as i got home i got online and ordered 2 300 watt mars hydro L.E.D’s!!! i cant wait till they get here now!!!


Congratulations enjoy your new light you will like them

@Hogmaster thanks man i could not wait to get home and order them!! i do have a question about them. how high should i hang them from the top of my canopy?

How big are your plants

So it looks like you have for autos couple weeks old I would put them 18 to 24 inches from the top of your plants I do not have the Mars Hydro but they are similar to the lights I have and that’s what I have mine at


Woohoo :raised_hands: @pbs86 love it
enjoy your new light when they show up bro
I would start at 24 inch since that’s where your light are now
And adjust accordingly
Watch your leave they should stay flat if your too close they will start to taco :taco: (edges curling up). Back off light a little till leaves flatten out give it a day between adjustments
Happy growing brother