Caribbean Growing

Hi all and thanks for reading. I live on a Caribbean island. I’m curious what limitations this will impose. Obviously I know humidity will be a problem, but we do have a dry season here where we get little rain. We also have a wet season where we get rain regularly. We also have storms that blow in off the ocean with strong winds and heavy rains. Heat is another potential problem, but our ocean breeze usually keeps our high temperatures below 92, usually more like 88 during the heat of summer. The minimal solar shift seems like an obvious problem as we don’t really go lower than 12 hours of daylight in winter time, but it seems like auto flowering seeds should take the concern away there? I will be growing in pots outside. Please let me know what other concerns you could foresee, and how I might remedy them. The seeds I was looking to order were the auto flowering mix pack (blueberry, amensia, northern) plus durbans posion. Any thoughts on my seed choices given my climate especially welcome. Thanks much!


Yes an auto flower would be probly ur best way to go.

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Sounds like i want to visit that place!!!

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You could also set up some way to cover them to limit the light they get during the day. It would be a lot of work, but it’s another option if you wanted to grow photos.

i m pretty sure that photo period cannabis will flower in the Caribbean…???

u want to stick with Indicas for their shorter flower period tho.!

keep the large colas dry in mid-late flower to prevent bud rot,
cover them before it rains or bring them inside.!
other then that they should do great.!!