Capt Jack’s during flowering

Hi! So I’m in week 6 of flowering and can’t get rid of the spider mites. I sprayed with NEEM oil at week 4 flower, heard that’s probably not a good idea so I got Captn Jacks Deadbug and sprayed at week 5.
I’m still not sure if spraying with Capn Jacks is really safe to spray on my precious buds :thinking:. If so how often??
Also does this look normal amount of leaves turning yellow at this point in the grow?

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I agree you don’t want to use neem oil during flower. I’ve never used more than once per week that i remember. But you could probably use a different treatment between the captain jacks treatments.


Yikes. Second @dbrn32 . Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Juice Concentrate. Totally fine to spray on buds. I wouldn’t saturate them, but misting your flowering ladies with it, won’t effect your harvest. You can do a bud wash and the residue rinses away.

Yellowing of leaves is normal the further into flower she gets, as the plant is focusing on buds.


Thanks guys just the words of wisdom I was looking for! :clap:t2:
This is my 2nd grow attempt, only 25% success on first try. This one should be ok barring the mites. What will the mites do if left unattended too??

If spider mites, they will put webs all over the bud…


Call an exorcist. If that doesn’t work buy a flame thrower. They’re like little terminators, they absolutely will not stop……ever.

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I was looking for something to use between CJDB applications and found Dr. Earth Final Stop. It’s made from various oils you’d find in some kitchens. Smells kinda spicy and worked well for me.

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How long inbetween applications of CJDB? I’m using earth dust dry organics so I’ll check into that, thanks!

When I was dealing with fungus gnats that came from a photo plant in cheap potting soil that visited for a bit I used CJDB weekly.

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Lots of predatory insects that eat spider mites. Ladybugs and lacewings are the most common. You can buy them online super cheap. 1500 for $12


I’ve used Growers Ally products on my grows. They are organic and can be used all the way to day of harvest. I would check them out. My recent one I’ve used Crop Defender 3. I’ve provided the link below.

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With this product – are you able to use it on plants during flower for Leaf Spot - Septoria
That is what I am battling now


The defender 3 product

Sorry for the late response. Yes, you can use this product all the way to the day of harvest. I’m not seeing the spots you’re referring to. If you can share some close up photos, that would be great.

I can prob send better ones by email
Email me

I’ll send them to you