Cant tell if its dry enough to cure!

The bud are snapping off real easy. But the bud is like putty very very sticky. Do I let it dry more? Till not sticky. Or will they get better during the cure

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Throw them in a jar with a mini hygrometer for a few hours and see what the humidity level is


need to buy some. The list just doesn’t stop…lol

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Yeah, they’re important for the final process.

They also have smaller packs of 5 and you can just move them from jar to jar if you have more than 5 jars.

That’s :thinking: interesting, so what should the ph. be in the jar?

If it’s fully dry it should be sitting at 58%-62% depending on your preference. I usually aim for 62%. Some like it dryer and go for 58%.


Just ordered them. Thanks for the input! What should be a optimal humidity level?