Can't start a single seed. Now have mold on yet another attempt. Please help

Hi, new here to ILGM. Been reading for a few months now and recently started to try and grow my own. I have a small 2x3x6 tent with a 1200w led trying to grow in soil. So I haven’t been able to get anything going just yet bc apparently I have little patience.i finally got a decent couple of sprouts yet they seemed quit growing I think…any tips and suggestions wpuld be much appreciated…

What type of soil you using? Looks a but dry… I use the paper towel method to get my seeds to open then plant into soil

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I just got some starter pods to sprout before I put in FFHF. I started using the paper towel and had a half inch tail in 48 hrs. It’s bee. 2 days and I’ve managed to grow mold… yippieeee!!! Lol yes it’s dry bc I dried it out yesterday to try a d stop the mold, but idk how to proceed

Do you mean I should’ve put into soil rather than these stupid starter pods… with the dome cover right? Ig I should go straight to the soil bc its an auto. Sensi skunk

You Overcame the first hurdle getting the seeds to germinate, now you need to get over the second hurdle.

The peat starter cubes make it harder then it needs to be. I started out the same way.

Get some cannabis friendly potting soil, fox farms is a brand to look for, a little bit of seed starter, any brand will do, and some small plastic pots or Solo cups. Fill all but top two inches of pot with soil, top the pot off with seed starter, give the pot a good even wetting so the soil in the bottom of the pot gets wet. The seed starter won’t soak up the water so it needs encouragement by spraying it first. Once the pot is ready to go make a small depression in the seed starter, put in the germinated seed and cover it up. Use a humidity dome until the second set of leaves form, then remove the dome.

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@Tlee33 yes I would ditch the starter pods… after my see sprouts I use a red solo cup. Or I use the Lil green planting pot and some good soil. I been using ffhp to start them in… then use a 50/50 blend of ffhp and ffof when I Trans plant :potted_plant: to my 3 gallon pots

What is ffhp? I have fox farms happy frog bc I read it is already ph balanced. I opted to stay away from oceans farm ( I think the name is) bc I read it tends to produce nutrient burn bc of the abundance of nutrients. I have no idea how to work with nutrients obviously bc I can’t get a damn seed to sprout! Lmao what about this white mold though? I’ve read that I should be able to water with a hydrogen peroxide mix with water 3 parts water to 1 part peroxide

ffhp = fox farms happy frog. with the white mold just might be from some old pods ? i have never used them .

@Tlee33 how did it go? did it give it another try?

Have you ever germinated anything before , understand it will take a couple of tries to get a hang of it , but don’t give up, keep trying with maybe some other seed so you don’t run out of the good ones, to tell you the truth I bought 30 and I’m at 8 seeds left and barely pulling harvests , it’s gonna take a couple of failures

Yea, definitely learning some patience! Lol never germinated anything that I can remember anyway. Proud to say since this post starting over got a couple lil seedlings going. Ig it’s time to leave the domes off yea? Been watering every other day at least