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This one is a little off topic but wanted to see if any IGLM members have ventured into the cannabis consulting business. Ohio just passed recreational use which will start in 2024 and I am planning on starting a consulting business for home growers. Will design, purchase, install, pass knowledge and provide support. I would be interested in speaking with someone that has gone thru this to learn of their experiences. Thanks!


I went to college program last year for Medical Cannabis studies and part of the program was entrepreneurial. Minnesota went through this same thing, and my sister is looking at opening an edibles storefront. I will say this: get a cannabis-savvy attorney involved as soon as you are able and have a plan. HF100 passed in Minnesota without limits of how many licenses can be applied for and granted. Missouri, though, has a very strict limit on licenses, I believe it was 192 dispensaries. Minnesota’s bill was over 300 pages long, Missouri’s original bill was 9 pages. There are many different factors to consider that must be started in the planning stages: testing compliance, POS and tracking, seed-to-store compliance laws, employment and reliable workforce, location concerns, whether the area you want to build has odor pollution laws, etc. I understand you would work in the home installs/private sector support, but there may be laws about this as well. My best advice would be to find an attorney to help map out these essentials first. There will be investers. C annabis has proven to make money for a lot of well planned individuals. I believe in a “penny wise and pound foolish” long game. I wish you the best of luck!!


We have ILGM for free consulting. Personally, legal state or not, no strangers are coming into our home.


I have done a little bit of this, but mostly for charity.

How does your legislation read regarding plant count or amounts of cannabis one can possess?

There is some business availability out there for this, but it’s not as much as a lot of people think. For whatever reason the majority of people interested in growing fall into a few categories. I seen it on the internet and I’m pretty sure I can do it, Weed is expensive and I need to grow my own, I’m gonna hustle weed and make hella cash, and I love weed but don’t trust anyone but myself to grow it.

Each of them have sub groups that are willing and able to pay a little bit to feel they are getting started on the right foot. How much is another story. I would give someone an hour consult for $100. In this hour I would help determine what size would meet their needs in an average growers hands, create a list of equipment needed, help with basic explanation of genetics and suggest starins/breeders/seed shops to use. If I had to travel more than hour would ask for a little more to cover travel time and expenses. From there you’ll quickly find out that everyone’s needs and expectations are different. These are now your customers so there is some level of responding to a text, call, or helping them out. But some of them will absolutely wear you out. Be clear about what you’re offering and cost associated with services.

Targeting and getting to them is a little tricky but you can network your local hydroponic shops, social media, and local cannabis supporters to get started. Then a positive reputation should keep you moving.

If I was going to make a run at this would work out some affiliate deals with product dealers you intend to recommend. In most cases you can offer a discount/coupon to your customers, help out a local business, and get yourself some spiffs or cash on top of it. Just make sure they are businesses you trust and not just the ones offering you best deal.


Remember… word of mouth travels at the speed of sound :slight_smile:


I would worry about potential legal consequences. If you discovered someone was exceeding their plant count, or breaking some other law, what do you do if they get caught and you either helped them, or didn’t report them? I know cannabis is really gaining legality popularity, but it’s still not mainstream, and public acceptance can be questionable still.

Or maybe I just have some residual pre-legal paranoia. :thinking:


Former property/casualty insurance business grunt here.

On a note similar to Bubbala’s thoughts… Contact the biggest and best-regarded commercial property/casualty insurance agents in your area and research availability and cost or professional liability insurance. Be ready for some idea-killing, enthusiasm-killing news.

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Where does one go for weed information now days, internet or head shop, the head shop loves to recommend a few items not needed and has marked up prices, do they want to recommend a guy who might not see them as competive in pricing for consulting.

  Think i want a person with magnetic sign on door, Weed Consulting, or Cannabis driving up in my neighbor hood.  

The guys i would recommend, have references from here, once here, you dont need them really.

I think its tough sell, thiefs looking for angles to get in, thats an easy sell. Not in my house.


Absolutely , The less people that know what you’re doing. Legal state or not the better off you will be. (Low profile is always best)


I dislike being a downer.

One angle this ole guy might be interested in from an cosultant standpoint.

Indoor survival from a 3x3 space. Or similar.

Enough vegitables from low cost LED lights

Food is not weed. Everybody eats.

Hope this gets the wheels turning.

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Thanks everyone for this valuable input! Ohio is still 30 days out until legislation is final which will detail things more clearly. I did see this business model existed in other states where its now recreational so figured there has to be some need for it. Not quitting my day job for it but could be an additional source of income…and help pay for the grow room I am building. :grin:


So im just curious…whats everyones input about a cannabis smoke lounge. Ive been in cigar shops before and they have them. Any input about legalities, licenses, or anything really…whats your thinking about one? Is or would it be treated as alcohol related establishments?


There is old thread about think tanking cannabis busnesses.

I love the idea of a bed and bud theme . Stay here and taste 10 strains on your stay, etc…

Cali has new laws i yhink addressing public opening smoking areas.

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Is that the name of the thread; think tanking cannabis businesses?

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Ill dig it up, 1 yr ago

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Ive offered a Free canibus testing service so you know how good your chit is. No luck. Its free and all you have to do is send me an zip of your grow, ill smoke it and let you know how good it is! Go figure no charge and still cricket’s.


I believe there are a couple in the eastern Missouri area but am pretty sure they are considered “private clubs” because there is no public smoking in business establishments allowed.


Check Nevada. Las Vegas has been working on this since recreational legal there. You practically get a contact buzz walking the strip anyway but that’s not “legal”.

I think I read of a place trying to get licensed in Southern Illinois too but not sure of the status.

I wouldn’t waste a single minute of your time until legislation is signed. There are several states that recreational weed is legal as long as you buy it from the state. But still illegal to grow it or possess any that is not in a state sealed container. If something like this is the case your plan is dead in the water. So best to wait and see what “legal” in your state looks like.


There’s a place in my neck of the woods that you can buy some of their top shelf bud of the day or bring your own and share bud and chill out and smoke out of their (equipment) which is basically what ever you can imagine and once the munchies kick in you go right next store and get food and kick back and grub…
Its pretty crazy actually…
My wife and daughter love it…
I believe the food spot is called uncle buds eatery and the bud loung is something kush i believe…

The world is a different place nowadays… :v:t4: :green_heart: :evergreen_tree:
:v:t4: :sunglasses:


Yeah thats the kind of place im talking about. :+1: